Friday, 18 March 2016

Best natural remedies to beat premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a widespread problem faced by men of all age groups. Though more common among the older men, premature ejaculation among younger generation is much more serious and can cause emotional as well as marital issues. The good news is that many natural remedies seem to be extremely effective in treating the condition and attaining a well balanced and satisfactory sexual life. The natural remedies discussed here are very simple and can be used even while you are traveling.

The natural methods used here are onions, ginger, garlic, lady’s finger, aswagandha, carrots and half boiled eggs, root of asparagus, almond milk, chamomile, massage therapy and exercise. They are however long winding and might take several months for the results to surface. Natural remedies work by increasing the blood circulation to the penile region, thereby facilitating a strong erection, necessary for sexual satisfaction. Lack of blood circulation to the penile region is the most common cause for premature ejaculation and resultant problems.

Known for generations for its aphrodisiac properties, onions are also good for strengthening the reproductive organs and increasing the sexual prowess of a man. For treating premature ejaculation, the white variety of onions is known to be more effective than the green or red variety. Onion seeds can be mixed with a glass of warm water and consumed before every meal. This will increase blood circulation and also help in prolonging the ejaculation during intercourse. You may simply chew onions and eat them all throughout the day with the same benefit. Consuming onions will not only help you treat premature ejaculation, but also a whole lot of common ailments and bacterial infections of the body.

Ginger is known for its anti inflammatory and analgesic properties. Due to the fact that ginger can increase blood circulation in the body, it is also a simple and preferred treatment for curing premature ejaculation. Ginger works by heating the body up, thereby causing the blood to rush into the penile region, helping in the retention of erection and preventing premature ejaculation. Ginger works best with honey which too is an aphrodisiac and energy booster and finds mention in the Kamasutra. Consume a tablespoon of ginger juice along with half a tablespoon honey, mixed with a glass of warm milk, before bedtime. This will increase blood circulation and help in better sexual performance and retaining the erection and ejaculation. One must keep in mind that results take several months to surface when you are using natural remedies.

Lady finger
It could come as a surprise for many that lady’s finger has aphrodisiac properties. Lady finger is known to increase sexual vigour and vitality in men. The root of the vegetable is used for treating premature ejaculation and related problems. Lady finger root has to be first powdered for the purpose. Ten grams of the powder can be added to one cup of warm milk and sweetened with a tablespoon of candy sugar and taken during bedtime every day. Continue the treatment for a couple of months and soon you will see noticeable difference in your premature ejaculation. You will have increased capacity to retain ejaculation with this treatment.

Aswagandha is an ayurvedic treatment that is used for treating a variety of ailments including sexual problems in men. Aswagandha is known to enhance libido and reduce problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Intake of aswagandha will provide physical stamina and help in relaxing the body, thereby causing the blood to flow freely into the sexual organs and helping in attaining and retaining the erection before ejaculation. According to ayurveda, premature ejaculation is caused when the vata is aggravated. Aswagandha helps in removing the imbalance of vata, thereby helping men with ejaculation problems. Aswagandha can be taken in adequate quantities after consultation with a herbalist. It works best when taken along with goat’s milk.

Carrots and half boiled eggs
Carrots are known for their libido enhancing qualities and hence a great remedy for treating premature ejaculation. Grate two carrots and add a half boiled egg to this. One tablespoon of honey too can be added along with this mixture. Taking this potent aphrodisiac is known to help people with premature ejaculation. At least three months of regular intake is necessary for a noticeable change in the condition. Since eggs are high in cholesterol, this must be done with care by patients with cholesterol problems. Once the results are satisfactory, the treatment can be slowly weaned off. The mixture is best taken in the morning for enjoying many other added benefits of carrots and honey.

Root of asparagus
Asparagus is a rich source of vitamins A,C and B. These vitamins play a key role in sustaining an erection and also in all round sexual health of a man. Calcium that is present in asparagus helps in the sustenance of an erection and prevents premature ejaculation. Cooking asparagus in the right manner is very important as the vitamins and minerals that are essential for sexual health has to be preserved while consuming it. Ensure that asparagus is added as a salad or soft cooked or simmered to retain the nutrients and its aphrodisiac qualities. Asparagus can be added in your daily diet if you suffer from frequent sexual dysfunctions.

Almond milk
Rich in a variety of nutrients that help in enhancing sexual libido, almond milk can help people with premature ejaculation and other sexual problems. For treating premature ejaculation, soak ten to fifteen almonds overnight. In the morning, the skin can be peeled off and the almonds crushed to form a paste. Add a piece of crushed ginger, a pinch of cardamom and saffron which are all good for increasing libido and blood flow and drink it with a glass of hot cow’s or goat’s milk. Almond milk can be taken in the morning and before bed time for best results.

Chamomile is known for its relaxing and soothing properties. Sometimes, extreme stress too is known to cause premature ejaculation and erectile problems in men. Drinking chamomile tea not only helps in busting stress, but also relaxes your body, thereby encouraging good blood circulation to the entire body. Take a tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers and add to a cup of boiling water. Steep for about 10 minutes before drinking. 3-4 cups can be consumed daily for best results. Consuming chamomile tea before bedtime too can be made a routine everyday if stress is the major cause for your premature ejaculation.

Garlic is a wonderful bulb that is wrought with healing, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial, anti clotting and aphrodisiac properties. Eating three to four cloves of garlic every day facilitates better sexual as well as all round health. Garlic works by heating the body and increasing blood circulation all throughout the body, including the reproductive organs, thereby curing premature ejaculation and erectile problems in men. As garlic is very hot and due to its offensive odour, it is difficult to consume it raw. In such cases, you can fry garlic in pure cow’s ghee before consuming it. Garlic cloves which are fried in cow’s ghee will be less hot and the aphrodisiac properties will be retained as well. Again, one has to eat garlic for several months before the effects can be felt.

Massage therapy and exercise
Massaging the entire body stimulates blood circulation. For premature ejaculation, the massage therapy has to be concentrated in and around the penis, prostate, pubic bone, perineum etc. Regular massage with castor, sesame or mustard oil helps in strengthening the muscles and also dilating the blood vessels. Massage with mustard oil is particularly helpful as it heats the body and the massaged area, thereby facilitating the rush of blood towards the penis. Add a few drops of sesame and mustard oil and massage in gentle strokes for 15 minutes every day. Doing this every day an hour before intercourse will help in holding the erection and preventing premature ejaculation.


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