Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sandra Bullock – The Symbol of Beauty and Strength

Think of beauty Icon and strength, struggle and success, then you are thinking about Sandra Bullock.

Sandra bullock is an American actress. She got fame and wealth after doing early movies Speed(one of the most successful movie as new comer) in 1990s. Sandra bullock is one of the finest actress and beauty icon of the Hollywood who before starting her career struggled a lot like she remained an ordinary opera singer then for a while she also worked as waitress.

It’s told about Sandra bullock that she is a lady who spent her 20 years of early age only in worrying about her future and life because she always worried about what she’s going to be?? What is her future? After that she spent her 30’s in working non stop. Now in the age of 40, she is living her life to the fullest with all the attractions a young heart can desire for. We can say that the worry and the work both let her to be on good place now.

She is an Academy award winner. She had done many most watched movies, among them “The Proposal” is the latest one, in past we can name” Blind side” as her classic work piece. Sandra bullock is surely strong women but like every Hollywood star she has the beautiful side too, but in Sandra bullock’s case, its beauty with strength.

About her beauty routine she unveiled that she takes only 10 minutes to get ready for a day. Sandra quoted that she is among those ladies who put some cream, apply mascara and get ready, but yeah her hair takes too much time to get settled. Sandra bullock is unique in all way even in her beauty definition, She don’t associate beauty with lots of cosmetics or long beauty salon sessions according to this beautiful Hollywood actress this makes you a bit artificial. She believes beauty should be as natural as when some one observe it they may get idea that it just happens. She is clever enough to apply her unique beauty definition in her beauty routine too so that she do not over make up.

She concentrate on her eyes and lips and leaves the skin as it is since according to Sandra bullock the messy untouched skin gives you the real beauty overlook whereas well make up eyes add more effects to it. Those ladies who are looking to get rid of lines under their eyes can apply Sandra bullock all in all beauty secret of using pile cream for fine lines.

Friday, 18 April 2014

The ‘Seduction’ of high heels

High heels are timeless creations of Egyptian Butchers; make the woman look ultra hot and sexy. They are characterized by an undeniable sex appeal, the click click sound in its every step whispers ‘Seduction’. They are characterized with the persona of a sophisticated, independent and alluring woman.

High heels encapsulate feminine sexuality in their artistically embellished and elegant designs. A woman can easily captivate a man in the delightful aura of her high heel which grasps her slim feet beautifully, making her calf muscle firm and toned, her buttocks are pushed out making them resemble a firm peach with an erotically charged line. A sexy high heel can make a woman look fantastic. Above all never ever forget the timeless love of men for high heels and the erotic waves that they send in each step.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Women Health Care

Health is wealth. This proverb seems more valuable and important when it comes to women’s health and health care efforts. Women’s health has greater importance as compare to men’s health as whole family and in fact her own self depend upon herself and her good health.

Unfortunately, because of too much responsibilities and work load woman often find it hard to balance her work, family and health care efforts. She hardly finds a break or time for her health care. With extra responsibilities and work load, a woman doesn’t have enough time for her health and stick to healthy habits to maintain her health. Beside this, it is medically proven that women are much more prone to health risks then men.