Monday, 28 September 2015

Why Women Fake Orgasms

Women's fake screams of ecstasy in bed may have less to do with trying to protect the sensitive egos of their partners, and more to do with a gal's own personal insecurities and fear of intimacy, new research suggests.

Approximately 60 percent of women have faked an orgasm during intercourse or oral sex, according to Erin Cooper of Temple University, who has been studying these women to figure out why.

"This is something that we talk about happening in popular culture, in the movies and magazines," Cooper told LiveScience. "We know that this is pretty prevalent in our culture, but we don't know much about it from a scientific standpoint. That to me is a real catastrophe."

Saturday, 19 September 2015

5 Fun Kisses to Try With Your Partner

Does a kiss with your partner seem as mundane as a routine task? Don’t lose the magic moment for lack of creativity. Here’s a step by step guide to making a kiss more fun!

Butterfly kiss
Bring your partner’s face close to yours and flutter your eyelashes rapidly on his or her face.

Don't: Change the direction of your head every few seconds. Unless you are in the throes of passion, this is hugely distracting.

Earlobe kiss
Deeply seductive, this will require you to suck and nibble the earlobe of your partner and sensitise nerve endings located in the region.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Tips for Beautiful Skin in The Summer

Summer time is great times of the year where you get a chance to experiment lots of things go out for holidays and have lots of fun. In all this, having a beautiful skin and appearing at your best for all the occasions is a must. Our skin is one of the biggest blessings of God and in order to maintain a beautiful skin, we need to take good care of it. Here are a few special yet simple tips for a beautiful skin in summer months.

Drinking Water

Nothing can be more essential for a beautiful skin than keeping it well hydrated all the time. A good intake of water will not only keep your cells healthy but it will regulate all your systems by shedding away all the toxins and thus, leaving you with a beautiful skin.


Despite the fact that summer season is a great time for fun and activities, yet, it can be a bit tricky to handle beautiful skin perfectly. Therefore, doing cleansing is a great option. It will not only help in keeping your pores clean and closed but all the extra oil that gives skin a greasy look will be removed too and hence, you will have a glowing and beautiful skin.

Sun Protection

Fun in the sun during summer time is what we all love. But it has its own consequences too especially when it comes to beautiful skin. The best way to protect beautiful skin from harsh and harmful rays of sun is to use a good sunblock and wearing trendy hats and scarves. The harmful rays of sun can cause a lot of serious damage to your skin, therefore, never neglect your beautiful skin when you are planning to have fun in the sun.

Aloe Plant

For a beautiful skin, make sure that you have planted an aloe plant in your kitchen garden, backyard or in your balcony. It is a super simple and most effective solution for sun burns, kitchen burns, wounds, irritations etc and shows remarkable results immediately without leaving a scar or mark of the injury or allergy that you might be having.

Homemade Scrubs and Peels

For a beautiful skin, completely avoid using over the shelf products like scrubs, masks and peels as they contain artificial ingredients and chemicals. Go for simple, easy and inexpensive stuff like a homemade cucumber mask, mud mask, orange peels etc. They are way more effective for managing your beautiful skin.

Mineral Makeup

Last but not the least, try to avoid over-use of makeup in summer months and let your beautiful skin breathe naturally. If you do intend to use makeup then the best option is to go for mineral makeup, particularly a mineral base foundation. It is light and most of them contain SPF-15. Therefore, it will be most appropriate to keep up your beautiful skin.