Saturday, 25 January 2014

Eating Tomatoes Make Ageless Skin

The main ingredients that can help revitalize the epidermis (age-defying) is lycopene. This material is a natural color that makes tomato vegetables red, with the biggest levels discovered in prepared or prepared tomato vegetables for tomato marinade, rice, sauces and mindset.

In that research, females who absorbed prepared tomato wealthy was suffering from an increase in the security of the epidermis, such as epidermis eliminating and decreased risk of DNA damage brought on by contact with ultra violet (UV).

The scientists in comparison the epidermis of 20 females, 50 percent of whom were given five tbsps (55g) conventional tomato insert with 10g of olive oil daily for 12 weeks. Then, the effects of their epidermis as opposed to other 50 percent of the females, outdated between 21 and 47 years, who only eat the olive oil with the same period. Lastly, all females revealed to UV light at the beginning and end of the research.

As a result, the scientists discovered a significant enhancement in the skins ability to secure itself against UV to females who ate tomato insert. Not only that, they also have 33 percent more security against sun burn the reddening effect on the epidermis.

The research will be provided by Lecturer Indicate Birch-Machin of Newscastle School in London, uk, Britain, on Friday (14/6) the next day. So what are you patiently waiting ladies? Please try and see the results. Goodluck!

Monday, 20 January 2014

How To Give The Best Blow Jobs (Oral Sex)

Oral sex: how to give the best blow jobs
Most men love oral sex. Some men even prefer a blow job to full sex. So as oral sex is such a big deal for the boys, we ought to know how to do it well. Going down on, giving head, sucking off, mouth f***, there are plenty of ways to describe the act of oral sex, but they're all talking about the same thing - sexual pleasure, down there, using your mouth.

What is oral sex (blow job)?
To give the Latin name, fellatio, (aka blow job), is an oral sex act which involves stimulating the penis using the tongue, lips and mouth. Most men are fans of the blow job as it gives him intense sexual sensations and can bring him to a pretty intense orgasm.

Friday, 17 January 2014

How to Awesome Build Sexual Tension with Your Man

Sexual tension is exciting, sexy and so much fun! It can make you feel good about yourself and give you something to look forward to everyday. If you’ve experienced sexual tension with a colleague, friend, neighbour (ahem) and didn’t know how to take it forward, here are some rules to follow to increase the spark in your sex life.

Flirt ferociously: Flirting or talking dirty is a great way to let your crush know you’re attracted to him. You don’t have to be dirty necessarily, just talk about something funny yet sexy. Be subtle as sexual tension revolves around subtlety.

Lingering touches: Even a slight touch between two people attracted to each other can cause a spark. Again, it doesn’t have to be obvious. Please don’t go groping him in public. You have to keep it subtle. Try letting your arm graze against his for a few seconds while showing something on your phone or lay your hand on his shoulder.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Romantic Things to Do After a Making Love

Most couples enjoy the idea of turning on their respective sides and snoozing after a steamy session of sex. But not us! We believe in making the most of the precious moments after sex. The time right after sex gives you a chance to reconnect and bond with your partner. If you can’t think beyond cuddling and sleeping, here are 10 romantic things you can do after a love-making session.

Eat in bed: After some great sex, you’re sure to get hungry. Sex is like a workout, the best one! You also burn a lot of calories and your body craves food. So, fix a quick meal for yourself and your partner, lie in bed and eat while cuddling.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Your Common Sex Dreams Decoded

Having wet dreams? Dreaming about sex can be really pleasurable but if it happens all the time, then it can take a creepy turn too. Erotic dreams interpret your craving of sexual desire but there are times when they have an entire different meaning. To help you analyse and understand the meaning, we decode your most common sex dreams.

Stranger in the Bed: There are many times you tend to dream about a stranger ravaging you in bed. The faceless man makes you happy and with every appearance you think he is your soulmate. Well, you are so wrong there. It signifies that you need to add some masculine traits in your life, such as being assertive, speaking your mind and taking a stand.

The big O story: There are times when you dream of climaxing again and again in your sleep and even at times have a dream induced orgasm. It represents that there is something exciting about to happen in your life or it can just mean that you really need to relieve that building sexual tension.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How to Have Sex for The First Time

Having sex for the first time is a major milestone in a person's life. You want it to be special and memorable. Of course, practice makes perfect, so don’t expect to get everything right the first time itself. However, there are certain mistakes you can avoid making when having sex with someone for the very first time. Check them out.

Giving into peer pressure:
If you’re unmarried and attempting to lose your virginity, make sure it’s not because of peer pressure. Don’t let your friends decide if you’re ready for sex or not. Many times relationships don’t last and you could end up feeling regret for a long period.

Not taking precautions: Having unprotected sex the first time you are sleeping with someone is a big mistake. Especially if you’re not in a serious relationships and avoiding pregnancy. Besides unwanted pregnancy, not using a condom puts you at a risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases. As your relationship progresses and you get to know your partner better, you can choose alternate methods of protection such as birth control pills.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Foreplay Your Man Secretly Wants

Aren’t men always ready for sex? A quick kiss, a gentle nibble and they are up (pun intended) for action! But there are times they crave some foreplay too. Turning him on slowly and seductively is the way to go. We tell you foreplay moves which they secretly crave but rarely openly accept.

Seeing you naked: Your man must have seen you naked numerous times, but what he really wants to do is, take some time out and admire your naked body. Don’t be shy; let him examine every curve and contour and feel proud that you belong to him. It’s a major turn-on, trust us.

Breath play: Men love it when you use your breath to turn them on. Slowly breathe on his neck, letting him know that you are ready to get hot and heavy with him. Breathe near his bare chest and even stomach. The rush of hot air speeds up arousal and makes lovemaking even more interesting.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Sex Goddess on His Birthday

Your partner's birthday is around the corner and you’re going crazy planning. Sit back and relax, lady! He really doesn’t care so much about the flowers or gifts as much as he cares about getting naughty with you. Read our tips to find out how you can make your birthday boy feel special by being his sex goddess. And it doesn’t cost a dime.

It’s all about the birthday boy: Make him feel special on his birthday by doing everything you can for him. Make him his favourite dinner... naked! Or, give him a sexy lap dance. You could also get him a naughty birthday cake. Whatever you do, make sure you let him know that you just want to please him.

Get him a naughty present: Skip the boring and predictable gifts and get him something sexy this birthday. How about adult toys? There are various online stores where you can purchase sex toys. He won’t be able to contain his excitement after opening it. Good for you. ;)

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Morning Sex of the New Year is Awesome

Morning of the new year, with your partner, how about taking advantage of the extra time in the morning to get naughty with your partner? Here are some awesome reasons to indulge in steamy morning sex!

Of chemistry and connection: Can you think of a better way to start the day? We cannot. They say your day turns out to be great if you start it on a good note. What can beat starting your day with an awesome orgasm? Experts have found that having sex in the morning releases oxytocin which makes you feel more connected with your partner.