Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Firm Breast Exercises for Women

The woman passes through all the phases and the breast size also changes when she was a child, then became adult and even after marriage having kids the skin. Losing and gaining weight also d shape ladies breast. Which is then essentially get rectify through firm breast exercises Well there are lot of exercises which help women to uplift the un droop sagging breasts. There are number of techniques which allow ladies to firm their breast through firm breast exercises. The firm breast exercises allow breasts to get firm without surgery.

Here are we going to discuss various firm breast exercises to firm your breast.

1. Push Ups Helps To Boost Hanging Breasts

The push ups are not an easy exercise to follow but it is one of the mostly applied  firm breast exercises in which you have to flop down your belly facing the floor and push yourself right back up with your arms, up and down. This exercise will allow building muscles behind the breast tissue and boosting the breast forward as the muscle enlarges.

2. Apply  Pressure

Well Applying pressure is beneficial for your bust and termed as a firm breast exercise. It requires you to Stand and face the wall, then slightly lean against it with your hands. Press against the wall with force; keep on pushing for 10 seconds. Make 10 repetitions, after every 10 sec just stop, relax and shake yourself and then start repeating the procedure.

3. Palms Pressing By Making Prayer Pose

Next firm breast exercise  is to make a prayer pose then bring both hands together, join your palms in front of the chest and press them hard against each other for 5-7 seconds. The exercise bands and bars can be used if not, your own hands can perform the same functions. This will trigger the muscle one want to work on by doing this firm breast exercise. Then Repeat this action for 8-10 times.

4. Try Dumbbells Or Free Weight

Well another applied firm breast exercise is to lift dumbbells, it is noted each weighing about 1-5 pounds, well it depends upon person to person how much weight he/she can lift . This firm breast exercise allows you to lift one weight in each hand,  lift them up then down. Such firm breast exercise builds muscle behind the breast area of the chest, and helps sagging of breast.

5. Breast-Stroke By Squeezing Pectoral Muscle

Another firm breast exercise  for toning your breast effectively is to stand straight, nestle up to the wall, squeeze the pectoral muscles by making movements. This firm breast exercise requires you to do a hundred slow strokes.

6. Touch your  Elbows behind your back

A one good technique for firm breast exercise is to Stand straight, then bend hands slightly in the elbows, place hands on hips. Then touch your elbows one to the other behind your back slowly it will allow stretching of muscles for 10-15 seconds. Make the repetition from 8 -10 times

7. Tone Up Your Posture

Targeting your posture is one good firm breast exercise. Well it simply requires you to take thick book, place it over your head and walk around the house for a few minutes without letting it fall. It will build the relaxing muscle and give directional tone to your body. This firm breast exercise of maintaining posture matters a lot because when we stand straight, squeeze the belly in, chest out, then breasts appear firmer.
Well these above mentioned firm breast exercise strengthen muscles behind the breasts, which push forward the breast tissue, make it look larger. The firm breast exercise are just me your breasts will still ns to reduce the sagging breast

Friday, 19 December 2014

Laura Harring Is One Of The Most Beautiful And A Talented Woman

Laura Harring is one of the most beautiful and a talented woman in the industry, who is not only famous just for her beauty, but has gained recognition with her hard work and talent. The amazingly gorgeous Laura Harring was born in the northern Mexican city of Los Moch is on March 3, 1964.  Laura Harring, with her German and Austrian lineage, spent 10 years of her early life in her native land, and moved to San Antonio, Texas with her family when she was just 11.

At the young age of 16 years, Laura Harring took a big step to convince her family to let her go to Switzerland, where she attended Aiglon College. After her college and some international trips, Laura Harring eventually returned to America and got settles in El Paso, Texas. With her killing looks and alluring charm, Laura decided to enter the world of beauty pageants. Her confidence on her beauty didn’t go wasted, and Laura Harring won the title of Miss El Paso. Later she also won the title of Miss Texas. Later in 1985, Laura Harring clinched the crown of Miss America at the age of 21 years and became the first Hispanic to ever win this title. Her victory landed her to Europe where Laura Harring got married to Count Carl von Bismarck and earned the title of countess. While her stay in Europe, Laura also studied theater at the London Academy of Performing Arts, specializing in the French style of Commedia dell’Arte.

In spite of being amazingly talented, Laura Harring didn’t get instant success. It really took time and efforts for Laura Harring to be known and shine like a star. Being passionate and devoted with her work, Laura Harring promisingly started out her acting career as the bride of General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna (played by the late Raul Julia) in “The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory”, a made-for-TV movie. Though, she worked really hard in her other stints too, but the most known and memorable roles of Laura Harring were in the regrettably forgettable “Rio Diablo, Lambada: The Forbidden Dance and Empire”, the latter a fizzled TV series.

With her continuous devotion and hard work, Laura Harring gained chances step by step and became more prominent and recognized in “Sunset Beach”, in which she played cop Paula Stevens. Later, Laura Harring gained the mainstream limelight with “Little Nicky” in the year 2000. In her acting career, Laura Harring played many roles beautifully and her extensive work on television finally pushed her to grace the big screen, with roles in “Little Nicky” and “John Q” and the most popular David Lynch’s “Mulholl and Drive”.

When it comes to the most successful part of Laura Harring’s acting career, we cannot ignore the popularity that “Rita” of “Mulholl and Drive” has brought to her. That role of Laura Harring became so popular and memorable that she also won an American Latino Media Arts (ALMA) Award for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture. While the role of Rita is the main recognition for Laura Harring, her popularity and acting profile really got a huge boost by playing as John Travolta’s wife in 2004′s “The Punisher”.

One of the major reasons of the fame of Laura Harring is undoubtedly her irresistible sex appeal. When it comes to judging Laura on the basis of sex quotient, she actually makes us remind the enticing sex appeal of Rita Hayworth. Her sexiness is something beyond the body exposure. Laura Harring is one of those actresses who know how to use their charm, without making it vulgar on screen. The way Laura Harring stares at the camera and delivers her dialogue is something quite enough to move someone. While writing about the sexiness of Laura Harring, Esquire magazine published “When Harring bedded Naomi Watts in David Lynch’s Mulholl and Drive, we forgot that the movie made no sense. Then we saw it again.”

Friday, 12 December 2014

To make your marriage successful go back to the basics.

Define your marriage yourself; no body knows what you want and what your partner wants more than you.

Marriage is a respected institute but marriage is also tricky business. Sometime we get so comfortable in our marriage we start taking marriage itself for granted. This is where marriage goes wrong.

Sit down and evaluate your marriage. Take out time to do this since it just might save your marriage. It might not be too late for your marriage and you might still get to give your marriage a second chance. But in order to do that you need to first sit and give your marriage a good look. Take a good look at what your marriage has become. Then ponder on why. Once you have pinpointed the trouble areas only then you can know what might make your marriage turbulent. Awareness is the first step to correction and amendment. Only when you know what puts your marriage on rocky ground will you be able to avoid those issues and keep your marriage safe.

The whole idea of this recommended practice is so you clarify your concept of what you want in a marriage. Is your marriage what you hoped your marriage to be? Is your marriage the sort of partnership you always wanted? Once you have defined what you want out of your marriage then you will be able to get it more successfully. Do the things that according to you define a good marriage. Don’t look up to other people for what you should do or not do. The ’ifs and buts’ can be remedied and dealt with later on, get the fundamentals of your marriage right the rest will get all right on its own.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Kate Middleton Number 1 In The List Of Most Popular Beauty Icons Of The World

According to the various media surveys, polls by magazines and discussions by focus groups, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge has been fond out to be the top ranked beauty icon in 2011. The popularity of Kate Middleton amongst the masses is so much that even in 2012, she continues to maintain her position at number 1 in the list of most popular beauty icons of the world.

The natural charm, debonair and aura of Kate Middleton is what makes people go crazy about her. Moreover, her fairytale marriage and affair with the crown prince of Britain is something which made her even popular. As a beauty icon, Kate Middleton has chosen her independence and has beautifully expressed her style in distinctive ways. Kate Middleton is not merely a beauty icon who stands out in a regular crowd but she is the one who has brought a wave of change and freshness in the typical dress up and makeover style done by the princesses and more specifically, the British royals.

One of the most appealing things about Kate Middleton as the current top beauty icon is that she has not created a look that is something over the top or unachievable for her, rather; Kate Middleton has maintained a girl next door look in her daily life and a very minimalistic look for her formal appearances. This projects her natural beauty, glows in her eyes and sparkles in her smile in the most impressive ways and makes Kate Middleton stand out as the ultimate beauty icon.

The golden brown hair with slight locks, light eyes, a smile with a dimple and an ever cheerful yet contained nature of Kate Middleton adds more to her irresistible appeal as a beauty icon. Moreover, Kate Middleton rightly knows how to balance out herself with every look that she carries. May it be a classy gown or a pair of regular jeans, Kate Middleton knows how to be proportionate in fashion choices that simply suit you and make you look even more desirable.

Indeed the persona of Kate Middleton speaks for her and she certainly proves that beauty is depicted the best when flaunted in the most natural ways.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Women Health Care

Your health depends only on you and on your efforts towards your health care. Unfortunately most of the time it is hard for women to maintain their health along with a balanced life.

Health is wealth. This proverb becomes more valuable and important when it comes to women health. Women health has greater importance as compare to men as whole of the family and house depends upon her. Because of too much responsibilities and work load, women often find it difficult to maintain balance between work, family and their health. They hardly find a break or time for their health care.

With lots of responsibilities and duties, women don’t have enough time to take care of their health and for their own selves as well. It is also medically proven that women are much more prone to health risks than men. So women need extra health care efforts in this regard.

Women have so many tasks to fulfill such as a full time job, professionals targets and commitments and house hold chores. These twenty four hours responsibilities and duties are the major factor that damages a woman health. Most of the time it is hard for a woman to maintain balance between their personal and professional life along with their health care efforts.

With all this hard work and duties, women rarely get the time to give personal attention o their health and wellness. Beside all these work load and multi tasking, women health need extra health care efforts which means they should follow specific diet tips and develop a healthy eating habits. With the advent of internet, it is now not a difficult thing to get knowledge about your health care. Women can get adequate health care tips and practices by various internet sources.

Let us have an eye on these simple health care ways to stay healthy and happy throughout your life.

Women Health Care Tips:

  • First and most important step towards women health care is a healthy eating habit. Most of the women don’t have healthy eating habits and face difficulties to maintain their health. For a good health, develop healthy eating habits and take your intakes on time. Take fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and food which contain fiber, minerals, vitamins, proteins and all other essential nutrition. Calcium is also very essential for women as they tend to suffer a lot from osteoporosis.
  • Take plenty of water for healthy body and glowing skin. Atleast 8-12 glasses of water are essential for any adult.
  • Give some time to physical activities or exercise. You should have to take some hours to exercise and work out on daily basis to maintain a good health. Exercise will surely help you to remain fit, smart and active for a long time.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks, beverages like tea/coffee and fizzy juices. They are the evils of good health. It is a common practice among working women that they use these drinks during tuff office timings and late night sittings. This practice not only damages their health but also increases the health risks.
  • Devote some time to pursue your hobbies to get relief from stress and anxiety. The time you give to yourself is very important for your mental health also.
  • For working women, a big breakfast is necessary. It will keep you fresh and active all day. You can also take lunch from home instead of eating at cafeteria. This will now only save your money but also help full to your health.
  • Last but least, be neat and clean. Add a suitable beauty and skin care plan in your health care practices. Your neat and clean personality, beautiful face and glowing skin will enhance your health and attract others by little effort.
    To stay healthy and fit, follow these simple health care ideas and tips. After some time you will definitely feel the difference.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Isabelle Adjani Is Known For Her Acting And Most Beautiful Woman

Stunningly beautiful French beauty icon Isabelle Adjani is known for her acting and most beautiful woman. In 1990 she had been in the list of 50 most beautiful people in the world. It is also said that her beauty is mixture of French and German beauties. As her father is French and mother belongs to Germany. Isabelle Adjani rose in Paris. She has two children Barnabé Nuytten and Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis.

Isabelle Adjani is born on 27th of June 1955 in Paris. Isabelle Adjani has ash-white beauty with 5′ 4¼” (1.63 m). Her sexiest figure measurement is 35-24-3. Isabelle Adjani is so choosy about her dress and styles; in 1970 she said in interview that she would like to avoid wearing tight jeans and pants because of her too heavy hips. No doubt the beauty icon really knows how to maintain her beauty.

Now it is claiming that she has changed her look with plastic surgery and she admitted it, according to her, she can go for anything which keeps her look and young. 57 years old beauty icon Isabelle used all the treatments including Botox injections, hyaluronic acids plastic surgery. It’s her love with beauty and her straight forward way that she admitted,

“I am a follower of hyaluronic acid – always in small doses of course – to fill wrinkles and fine lines,” Isabelle Adjani is pretty lucky that she got glamorous roles which took her on the peak of popularity. These are here amazingly acting skills that she been loved by people. The beauty icon has won many awards; two time Oscar for her best actress in a leading role for Camille Claudel in 1988 and for The Story of Adele H in 1975.

She is only the stunning actress who has won Cesar Award four times. Once about her roles she quoted that “I like films that rest in the memory so I try and choose parts which have some kind of social or emotional force. For me, being an actress is not just a profession but a profession of faith.” She has also made the record of million selling album in 1983.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Work on your Relationship a little Every Day

Relationships are important. They need work over period of time, a little effort every day does the trick of keeping it running for very long.

Relationships are fun when they start. The love of the first few dates dims down with time as does the excitement. We forget how important the other person is. And then one day we realize the relationship has become stagnant and boring. It is not during the bad times that effort should be put in a relationship. Every day put in something no matter how little so your relationship keeps growing healthier. The day you will stop fueling your relationship it will stop growing. In a relationship keep the friendship alive. Ask yourself if you are being a good friend to your mate. Are you making your mate do things he doesn’t enjoy too often? Things you enjoy doing with friends and in groups do them when together alone as well. “If you want a good friend, be a good friend,” this old saying is just right.

Sometimes all we need is a friend, and most of us often look for that friend in our mate first. It is only when we don’t find that friend in our mate that we look elsewhere. So make sure when your mate looks for a friend in you the friend in you is ready and willing. Don’t judge your mate or reprimand him/her when they turn to you for need of a friend. Sometimes a good listener is all we are looking for. Be that ear! Be the friend.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

No More Dark Circles with Home Remedies

The problem each one of us faces in this fast track life is lack of sleep due to over load of work. Technology keeps us busy and if we specifically talk about the computers, working on them for hours not only stresses up our minds but also stresses our eyes. The skin around the eyes is delicate and requires special care otherwise it gets dry and rough. Those tired eyes and the dried skin around and under the eyes is such a common complaint that the every culture and all the grandmothers have home remedies for the dark circles.

When you have ran out of eye creams and they have not been effective and efficient against the dark circles which have been screaming out of the mirror at you from a long time. This time you should try grandma’s home remedies. One of the most effective and well known home remedies is the sliced cucumber remedy. When a sliced cucumber or sliced potatoes is applied on the eyes it not just helps to lighten the skin, but also soothes and cools the eyes. This remedy is most effective when the eyes are stressed out due to long hours of work at the laptop or staying up late at night or if they are tired due to the allergies.

The cool effects of the cucumber or potatoes strengthen the capillaries under the eyes and also prevent future dark circles from forming when the skin is already cooled down.  Have you ever heard what magic caffeine can do to the eyes, but not the intake of caffeine, the application of caffeine bags, more specifically tea bags can perform wonders on dark circles. Caffeine home remedy helps diminish water in the tissues around the eyes and also diminishes puffiness.

Most of us consider tea to be bad for health but the reality is that tea leaves and specially prepared tea itself contains antioxidants that are beneficial for skin. The caffeine home remedy is simple and easy, when you are done drinking the tea take that used tea bag that is squeezed out and put it in the refrigerator to cool. When it has been cooled down leave the tea bag over your eye for 10 minutes only and you will notice the improvement in puffiness and the under-eye circles. Be careful not to get the tea in your eyes. The idea is to relax the eyes by cooling down the capillaries around the eyes.

The wonders these home remedies can do are not effectively done by cutting-edge products. When we use those products we wait for a miracle but nothing happens whereas these amazing grandma’s home remedies can really do the wonders.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Beyonce Knowles Is Categorized As The Top Twenty Beauty Icon

The popular beauty icon, Beyonce Giselle Knowles, commonly known as Beyonce is a person of versatile talent and stamina to carry off that image very well in the public. She has won various Grammy’s for her famous album songs, such as “If I were a Boy.” She has engaged herself into film roles, fashion designing, singing and stage performances. All these years, Beyonce has entertained the audience with her various roles.

Beyonce Knowles is categorized as the top twenty beauty icon by the fashion critiques these days. Beauty icon, Beyonce is a popular and versatile personality in the industry. Beauty is her one aspect; Beyonce is an American R&B recording artist, a fashion designer, singer and an actress. Beyonce is recognized for her ever-changing looks. She is a complete workaholic and an all-rounder superstar of this millennium. Born in the city of Texas, this beauty icon has thrilled the whole world with her magnificent personality.

According to the beauty icon, Beyonce, there are a few great anti-fatigue beauty tricks. All she likes keeping with herself is a pair of Ray-Bans handy. Another beauty trick which Beyonce follows is by applying a gold eye shadow in the inner corner of her eye instead of a white one to give it a more subtle and awake appearance. Beyonce likes to put layers of bronzers when appearing publicly. The one she uses is the L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze One Day gel which according to the beauty icon looks great on her skin tone. Beyonce believes in doing the makeup herself on various performances. It allows her to flaunt her beauty in the manner in which she is most comfortable in.  Also, Beyonce believes it’s is fun to play around with makeup. On other occasions, she has a makeup artist who helps her complete the job.  This is done by showing her the ways to put the makeup on a paper and then she can apply it on her face accordingly.

Beyonce feels that hair and makeup are of great importance if one plans to be in a film role or a movie. This realization came with a character that she played, Etta James in Cadillac records. In that she had to wear a blond wig with keeping thick eye brows. Beauty icons always believe in staying in the natural skin. That is how the whole look can be manipulated by applying a different lipstick or eyeliner.

As a child, Beyonce experimented with her hair a lot since her mother owned a beauty salon. One blunder which she often shares is of cutting off her pony tail thinking she can get some extensions done like her mother used to do with other women. Beyonce says that she doesn’t follow a specific diet to remain beautiful and perfect in shape. All she does it watch out on what she eats, avoids pasta particularly. A cereal in dinner, salads in lunch and a light dinner is her food routine. On Sundays she treats herself with good food. Thus, the beauty icon is as fresh as she has ever been since she is happily married to the popular singer, Jay Z.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Long Lasting Relationship

In our average span of life, we face a number of relationships; and the acknowledgment to stay within different kinds of relationships status, make us experienced.

On the basis of this experience, which we learn from many kinds of relationships status, we manage our attitudes & life style. No doubt, good experiences make our behavior good and vice versa. But there are some essentials to have long-lasting and strong relationship, everybody should learn. Many of these essentials can work in any sort of relationship, but here we are going to discuss only couple’s relationship status.

The husband-wife relationship is considered as the most important relationship status, as we chose it by our own choice. Making blood relations is not in our own hands but selecting a life-partner is exactly up to us. However, selection is not too difficult yet it’s interesting; but the main responsibility starts after choosing your Mr. right & Miss perfect. So, here comes some of the ‘Must things’, every couple should adopt, in order to have an enduring relationship.
Be Sincere; honesty is always a best policy, so try to be as loyal with your partner as you can. Never ever try to cheat him/her in any way. Although it takes time to trust somebody but do not forget that trust is the basic element; and it should be placed on the base of the relation, so that it can build strongly.

Do not try to change; accept your mate as he/she is. Nobody is perfect here, so it’s not necessary that your partner will be exactly according to your requirements & demands. Consider your partner’s demands as well and try to mold yourself according to him/her rather to change them. One can be so lazy, one can be so quick, one can be much expressive and one cannot be, etc, but the Core thing is understanding. So if you are having an understanding life partner, it’s sufficient. Accept the differences, with the open heart. Consider the differences as just differences not the problems.

Give time; in today’s hectic era, time is becoming the most precious thing. If you’ll give proper time to your partner, he/she will realize his/her importance, and what one need else. Listen to your partner attentively, when he/she is talking to you or need your attention. There are number of ways to spend time together. Visiting some outdoor place, like parks, cinemas, restaurants, etc give you the time to understand each other. You can also make your home sweet home as similar mentioned places.

Give your partner space; it is as necessary as spending time together. Of course you love him/her but it doesn’t mean that you should be dependent on your partner too much. Don’t pamper your relationship; but emotionally, dependency is the only ‘full time allow’ aspect. At times, people need time to refresh their mind and to strengthen the relation. Give them time for themselves as well. It’s good for you too, as staying away for some time can enhance your need.

Admit your fault; saying sorry and admitting your faults no doubt, makes you to go one step ahead. Be brave yet humble, admit your mistake with open heart and secure your relation. Forget the past, if it’s disturbing your present relation, restart it.

Make you statements wisely; the stage of argument only comes, when there is a communication gap. Argumentation is not the solution of the problems. If it’s necessary, then you can do it but while having that make your arguments wisely. So that neither they will affect later on nor they will hurt your partner.

Communication; talk about almost each and every aspect of your relationship. In this way, you can come to know your partner deeply. Likes, dislikes, requirements, needs, how she/he will react if the certain situation happen etc, there are thousands of things you can talk about, if nothing currently important. Whether you are facing minor misunderstandings or big complaints, talk about them politely and make them clear. ‘Communication gap’ can be the biggest hurdle in the development of the relation.

Compliment; give regard & complement to one another on the deserving aspects; through words, gestures, care, etc. Giving compliments can have many shapes & styles, like if you take care of your partner a lot, he/she will feel privileged. Besides just showing care and accomplishments, you have to tell as well. Do not forget that words means a lot, a lot. Emotions and feelings need the platform of ‘Words’ to express, at times. So tell your partner that how important he/she is, and how much you need?

Affection; this is considered as a key point to have a strong mutual bond. Touch, kiss, hug, particularly at once, can make him/her to feel for you, desperately. Especially, when your partner least expecting it, reach out there and surprise him/her with your gentle affection. After such kind & sincere touch, a couple can forget every misunderstanding and can be one again. Playing with your mate’s hair, rubbing hand, a soft kiss on the neck, a soft pat on the arm or leg, giving a gentle back rub will surprisingly make a huge difference in your mate responds to you. This not means sexually, but affectionately.
Remember there is nothing important to you then your relation. So try the power of touch as well, along with all the essentials to have a strong & long-lasting relationship.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Search for Mr. Right

Mr. Right is a key subject intended many women also an inspiration of hope on a daily basis. okay, probably exists okay, he is probably your match. okay, you WILL locate him! Of route in all our lives we encompass goals, aims, ambitions and desires little and large. It is these landmarks also goalposts that keep us positive and busy. It is what makes us human. into recent years the terms Mr. right and Miss correct encompass become above used also clichéd. It is almost as if we have a chart active our wall, an extensive check list otherwise a resume of specifics that the person in confront must submit to aquire his foot through the entrance of the “potentials” interview.

Most of us would deny we are pushing away Mr. right as we anticipate that chance will take a pass in bringing Mr. Right to us. several of us accept that we have a small but insignificant “directory” also yes, we accept that thither are some requirements on it which are nonnegotiable, although they are fairly minor. Or are they? The actuality of the substance is that as the decades have passed by, we encompass become remote more sophisticated, as humans, as individuals, as lovers also mates. We are adults, we encompass a good salary and a nice residence and are well knowledgeable into the ways of the world. for that reason it is only fair that we search someone to match, to fit in, to adapt, to accompany, to facilitate, right? Therein lays the concern.

The fact is that Mr. correct moreover has a check directory, of his wishes moreover needs, only a little one of course, although a list all the same, and he is ticking inactive your assets as we speak. He wants someone juvenile, someone well knowledgeable, someone acceptable looking and in shape. We are indignant, how shallow we cry. conventional man we sigh. yet are we some improved? Look at your directory also look very carefully at what otherwise who constitutes your Mr. correct. also then look again. Are you certain primary of wholly that your tick list is achievable? Yes, or are you willing to negotiate? yes thus you are happy with your directory. next what?

Are you willing to go out moreover get your Mr. correct or are you waiting intended him to come to you? several women tell me they are waiting for Mr. right. The word “waiting” concerns me. via waiting it entails men come to you by possibility, possibly by drawing and you tick off their assets, your check them elsewhere and next cast inactive any person who doesn’t match your list. Maybe you perform, although remember this my friends, Mr. Right is looking for his overlook correct? How greatly work encompass you put into being Miss Right otherwise ought to he accept you as you are and fit in around you? If he did slot into to your life would he really be Mr. Right otherwise an accoutrement, an asset, a trinket that you would aquire bored of?

The item I am asked by eligible men greater than anything these days is, “where have all the nice girls departed”. consider about those words prudently. These men are not asking where the doormats went, the meek mice, the housewife slaves. Not at all. negative pardon they are asking is where all the women went who don’t have a huge checklist as long as their arms. Most males merely want someone to adore, someone who they can dote on into their own ways and who they can feel special and share inclusive of. The problem intended them is that they are not finding it because they are constantly beneath the strain of women’s check lists. They are told they should adapt also fit into, they are trying to fulfill their piece of the directory bargain also next they are faced with the overlook Rights out thither.

As a prospective Miss Right you owe it to yourself to done a little tasks. Take a long, hard look at your list also ask yourself precisely how flexible you are being. Secondly glance at who your Mr. correct is and how truthfully obtainable they are. Thirdly, don’t kid yourself about your own potentials but don’t compromise active ideals either. Fourthly, bring yourself out into the release also go following your Mr. correct.

Don’t play the waiting sport because you perform not desire to spend the rest of your existence knowing your Mr. Perfect is married to someone else when he perhaps encompass been yours. And lastly, compromise is the key in reality, intended wholly the things Mr. correct should be, try moreover balance that inclusive of attempting to be rather your Mr. Right doesn’t want to miss.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Marilyn Monroe – The Blond Beauty of All Times

Marilyn Monroe is perhaps the most celebrated among all the Hollywood beauty icons. The shortest possible description of her iconic beauty and fame like her short life is that her life was the most volatile and yet her charm as a Hollywood beauty icon was ever lasting!

For a few people like Marilyn Monroe, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that their charm sustains even when their souls evaporate. Marilyn Monroe lived a short life that though was not happy and juicy at its personal edge yet her fame was such a legacy that keeps on exciting fans even today!

The blond beauty was born in 1926 in a charity hospital near Los Angeles. Norma Jeane Mortenson – Marilyn Monroe – had almost no family member. Her mother was a psycho patient while her father had left them before her birth. The poor soul had almost no childhood, as she spent most of her early years at different orphanages. Marilyn Monroe got married at the age of 16. By then nobody knew that the girl would emerge as a future legendary Hollywood beauty icon.

The stunning brunette luckily was noticed by a photographer in 1945, after which she captured dozens of fashion magazine covers and became quite a successful model. After a screen test with 20th Century Fox, suddenly film directors, studio executives and photographers recognised her alluring beauty and acting talents. By the end of 1946, she had emerged as the Hollywood beauty icon. The most alluring, fascinating, glamorous Hollywood beauty icon got famous for her blond hair, sharp features, voluptuous figure and sex appeal.

The next decade was all Marilyn Monroe’s. She ruled the industry and captivated multitude of audiences through her several comic and dramatic performances. Her hair became a platinum shade of blond and she reached the peak of fame with her light comic appearance in “How to Marry a Millionaire”, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, “The Seven – Year Itch” and “ Some Like It Hot”.

Marilyn Monroe – The ever green beauty icon – received bundles of appreciating comments by all of her co stars, directors and critics of that time. She worked with Marlon Brando and Lee Strasberg who referred to her among the two students who stand out among hundreds and hundreds. In 1956, The New York Times film critic – Bosley Crowther mentioned Marilyn Monroe in one of his famous quotes, saying

“Hold onto your chairs, everybody, and get set for a rattling surprise! Marilyn Monroe has finally proved herself an actress in Bus Stop. She and the picture are well.”

Marilyn Monroe got nominated for the Golden Globe award for her performance in Bus Stop, while she actually got the Golden Globe award for Some Like It Hot.

The ever fresh Hollywood beauty icon – Marilyn Monroe – lived just for 36 years, and died suddenly in 1962 in Brentwood. She was found dead at her newly decorated home. Her death was a mystery. Some reported it to be a suicide while others claimed it to be a murder.

Regardless of all the controversies related to her death and her personal history, her achievements and contributions to the Hollywood film industry were not less than an inspiration for all. She inspired musicians and artists like Madonna and many others. Her iconic beauty, her glamorous appeal and her voluptuous figure still have a mesmerizing effect. Though she is no more physically, yet her magical charm prevails, making her a true Hollywood beauty icon!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Homemade Beauty Tips to Enlarge Breasts

Why opt for the option of painful surgery method alone when there are several ways to increase your breast size naturally. No doubt big firm breasts are the dream of every woman who wants to look attractive and catch eyes of everyone around herself. One in million women is suffering from small breast which makes them embarrass sometime but you don’t need to worry at all.
There are many natural methods that help to increase breast size, making them tight and hold them upright that gives you beautiful and elegant look. Increase your confidence with big breasts without any surgery pain and waste of money. Just give your body regular proper care and bless yourself with pair of attractive breast with natural and homemade methods.

Daily Circulation Movements

Daily 100- 300 circulation rubs in the morning and evening is very effective therapy to increase your breasts size in very natural way. Every circulation rub should be of at least 2 second to 5 second. Warm up your both hands first before you rub it and pause for the moment occasionally to rub your hand together and rewarm then again and again. Circulation of 300 rubs must take 10- 15 minutes daily. If you are repeating this process twice a day regularly, it would no more difficult to attain best breast size in just few days.

Treatments with herbs

Many herbs possess natural breast development properties and make it medically fit with no side effect. Black cohosh root extracts are known as one of the most useful and best herb that can increase size of women breast in no time. It has been found as best formula to make female breast bigger especially if she is suffering from any hormonal imbalance related problem. Some women use it oil to message over their breast at night. It is recommended to warm this oil first before you use for the better and quick result. You may add it to your body lotion and cream and message your breasts daily after shower and before you sleep. There are few other herbs could also be used using this technique that might help you to increase your breast size naturally. Just wait for few days and you will feel increase in your size with such natural technique.

Natural Bustea

Bustea is the herbal tea which is made by combing fenugreek with few other herbs. It gives firm result and increase breasts size with no more time. It is known as oldest formula used to increase breasts size and making pair of breast firm and beautiful. This natural approach helps female hormone to get ripe with help of diosgenin enzyme. Boil two cups of water and add one cup of fenugreek in it. Add a dash of other herbs such as anise, basil, fennel, licorice, caraway, dill and lemongrass. Boil the mixture and let it to be cool. You may add some honey and lemon to enhance its taste. Drink 2 cups of Bustea daily. If someone is suffering from low blood sugar and blood clot, it is recommend not using it as it may cause interference with your medications.

Natural Herbal salve

Many people have complained that they don’t link flavor of fenugreek even by adding different substitutes.  Fenugreek is very effective way to increase female breasts size even by rubbing it on it. One can easily grind few fenugreek seeds and shoots in the blender. Add some vegetable or olive oil in to it to make a paste. Wild yams are also enriched with diosgenin that helps to increase breast size. You can make its paste and apply it daily before shower. All you need is to peel its outer bark off and mash its pulp in a blender and message it regularly. Its tea is also very effective to increase breasts size naturally but one need to consult her doctor first before starting treatment.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Get To know the Home spa trick for beautiful Skin…!

The home spa is in use too much. Women know the significance of home spa in their lives since home spa not only gives them new birth but also glorifies their skin beauty. The home spa can be done very cost effectively if you follow the following home spa trick. These home spa trick will make your home spa more effective. Here are they:

Rose Water-the first home spa trick is to smell rose water. It has soothing effect on mind and breathing organs. To get rose water at home boil petals of rose with 2 cups of water. Boil it till one cup remains now squeeze the petals out of it and have your own rose water at home. That’s the beauty of cost effective Home spa trick.

The blender home spa trick-when you see that your skin is getting dry. Go to kitchen. Take a little cold cream, strawberries, aloe Vera and yogurt and put them in blender. Blend them really well and apply it on your skin .let the mask be dry for 15 minutes. Wow your skin will glow and have a youth full effect after adopting this home spa trick.

Warm up your lotion-before having the spa bath its necessary that you should place your body lotion on the heater. After getting bath apply the heated more liquid body lotion over your body. It will be absorb soon and well. Adopt this home spa trick to have lovely soft skin.

The coconut oil treatment-the home spa trick also emphasize on use of coconut oil. Apply it before the bath and cover you hair with plastic cap. The home spa trick tells us that coconut oil gives shine and strength to hair even it re grows it.

Lemon Home spa Trick-the lemon is famous for its acid. Yes home spa trick brought out the acid effect of it. Cut some fresh lemon slices and rub it on rough elbows. It will remove the scrub and also removes any dark areas.

The above home spa trick are very useful. They are easy to apply and very result oriented. If you are women fond of good, healthy and spot less skin then these home spa trick will help you solve your problems. Have a very happy home spa experience.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Keira Knightley An English beauty Icon

How can we forget Keira Knightley when we talk about beauty icons? An English beauty Icon Keira Knightley in not only known for her stunning beauty but also for her acting skills. She was nominated for number one beauty icon in 2007 and has been in the list of 100 sexiest women of the world.

Keira Knightley is really beauty icon who is nominated for her beauty several times. She has been number one beauty Icon in 2007 polled by 2500 people conducted by British high street chain Superdrug. She has been listed for several times in FHMs 100 sexiest women of the world. In 2004 for she was on number 79 in this list then in very less time of a year she jumped up to number 18 in 2005 as the sexiest women of the world. No doubt she has stunning gorgeous beauty which took her on number 5 “100 sexiest women of the world” in 2006. According to Forbes in 2008 Keira Knightley is secondly highest paid Hollywood Actress. She earned 32 million dollars in 2007.

Keira Knightley has assigned for several beauty products as beauty icon. Such as Lux hair care products, front face of Chanel’s perfumes Coco Mademoiselle. She is really cautious about her dresses, designers. On her 21st birthday party cost more than dollars 30,000.

Here is little bit about this beauty Icon Keira Knightley Biography.  Keira Knightley was born on 26th of March 1985 in the Teddington, a beautiful suburban area of South west London, England. Keira Knightley is the daughter of Will Knightley and Sharman Macdonald; both are the actor and play writer. She got her early studies in Stanley Junior School which was in Teddington, and she done her college studies in Esher College.

If we talk about her career, she has started in earlier age.  Keira Knightley was only nine when she performed her first role “Little Girl” in 1993. And then her ways to successful acting career in Hollywood opened with every passing day. The Treasure seekers in 1996, Coming Home in 1998 and Innocent Lies in 1995 were successful movies of her started career. She has nominated for several awards like Golden Globe Award, BAFTA award for best Actress in Leading role, Academy Award for best Actress.

Keira Knightley once quoted “The problem for me was that by being in the film the magic was broken. I loved the first Star Wars film and my mum was really into it too, that’s why I took the part. But the Force wasn’t there when we were filming it, and they didn’t have real light sabers, which annoyed me.”

Monday, 18 August 2014

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Sex

Healthy relationships are very easy to maintain and one of the most important aspect of their relationship has to be healthy sex activities. The activity of sex itself if very beneficial for the couple, it doesn’t just keep their bond strong but it also helps improve healthy and some of the health benefits of sex are mentioned in the articles.

Ladies make the most of your marriage to stay healthy and blessed. You can always keep the husband satisfied and happy and stay absolutely healthy. The most amazing thing in the married life has to be the healthy relationship of the husband and wife with the physical healthy ensured. The sex is one of the healthy activities. Sex has absolutely specific health boosting benefits. Some of the benefits include the following.

1.It make you thinner

Ladies this comes to you all as good news this benefit of sex will keep you happy. If it’s late and you have not made it to the gym then just count of the night exercise in bed. Do not forget to count on sex and the benefits of sex. Sex burns between 75 and 150 calories per half-hour. Imagine what wonders would it be able to do for you.

2. It helps you get better night’s sleep

Since sex is stress relief and reduces anxiety so if you have trouble sleeping at night due to such reasons then just know that this activity will relax you. The hormones that are released when you have sex helps relax people and get them to relax completely which helps them get a good night restful and satisfying sleep.

3. It boosts your immune system

Yes! Combating germs is one of the benefits of sex and it is an absolutely easy activity which you can practice in your bedroom and get a stronger immune system. Individuals who have sex once or twice a week show 30 percent high levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, this is known to boost the immune system.

4. To improve the mental health

The quickest way to boost your mood and to fight depression and to beat anxiety the most you can do is get into bed and enjoy your partner’s company. In a happy loving relationship sex is suppose to improve the psychological health of a person. It improves the mental health by building intimacy and reducing stress.

5. Helps relieve pain

One of the benefits of sex is that it relieves pain. The hormones secreted in the body causes the pain to go away. So if you have a headache or a minor pain somewhere just say yes to you partner at the night for the best activity in a healthy happy married couple’s  life.

6. Helps bladder control

The sex therapists ask women to make sure that their pelvic muscles are strong. One of the benefits of sex is that it keeps the pelvic muscles to be active and this exercise helps increase pleasure and they also increase the bladder control.

7. Healthier skin

Sex brings out the glow in you. It sounds contemporary that sex releases a key compound in the body that is good for all kinds of things-including improving your complexion. The ladies will be more than happier to release all the stress and get the glowing happy healthier skin.

8. Strengthens relationship

Last but not the least the most important of all the benefits of sex is supposed to be building a strong bond between the couple. The couples who have healthy sex relationship happen to share a happy healthy bond. The couple has fewer complications including the complicated diseases like cancer and heart failure.
The body experiences a whole roller coaster of hormones during sex and during the pillow talk after. So sex is one of the important activities to keep the relationship healthy.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Turkish-style Pizza

For pizza lovers, here comes the easiest ever Turkish-style pizza recipe. Get Turkish pide bread and top it with lamb steak and veggies to bake this yummy pizza.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Monica Bellucci An Italian Bombshell

An Italian bombshell babe who sizzles the runways and steals the limelight on screen is none other than Monica Bellucci. Her picture perfect face with irresistible looks is every photographer’s dream and Monica Bellucci certainly knows how to take the audience by storm through her charisma, may it be on screen or through her modeling abilities.

Monica Bellucci started her career as a model at the tender age of thirteen when she casually did modeling for some local photographer. Soon after that, she became a prominent face in the Italian modeling industry when she started working as a model from Milan. The first breakthrough of Monica Bellucci was when she worked with Dolce and Gabbana and became the lady love of the tinsel town.

Monica Bellucci made her mark in the films as quickly as she created an integral space for herself in the modeling world. Even for her minor roles, Monica Bellucci won accolades and won different acting awards. Monica Bellucci has been a part of many blockbuster movies of Hollywood, The Brother’s Grim, Brotherhood of the Wolf, The Matrix etc. to name a few.

Monica Bellucci has proven to be a woman of substance by not just merely being a beauty queen in the world of fashion, film and media. In 2004, when Monica Bellucci was expecting her daughter, she raised her voice for laws in Italy against donor sperms and appeared in different magazines as part of her campaign.

Over the years, Monica Bellucci has been recognized for her fine work and has been awarded different awards which also include the Golden Globe Award and the Silver Ribbon. Her global fan following is immense and her work is appreciated by thousands of people. Monica Bellucci has also signed a movie where she was supposed to play the role of Sonia Gandhi, the Indian politician, but the movie has been put on hold for a while.

Something of great admiration about Monica Bellucci is that she does not only have a successful professional life but lives a wonderful and happy married life too. Monica Bellucci is married to Vincent Cassel, a French actor and they have two daughters, Deva and Leonie. For all the fans of Monica Bellucci, Rhinos Season is something to look forward to in 2012 as she is going to spread her magic in it soon!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Lose Weight with a Wheat Free Diet

How you look, leave an impact and especially if you find yourself in company of strangers. Most of us are very conscious about our looks and features. Change in life style has made us to opt for more junk and rather unhealthy food in recent years. Now out of blue you have to attend a family gathering or a birthday party and you feel nervous to show up because of your weight. We have a fix for you, go for wheat free diet and see the difference yourself. Wheat is considered responsible for gaining weight and if someone resorts to wheat free diet then he most probably will lose weight in considerably less time.

Wheat products contain gluten which cause or contribute to digestive disorders and joint problems apart from the major reason of gaining weight. All these uncomfortable symptoms can be eradicated or at least minimized by adopting wheat free diet.

Want to shed extra pounds? Go for Wheat free diet:

There are numerous eating products which contain wheat like bread, pasta, baked goods, cereal, ice cream, gravies and most processed foods. The matter of fact is that, these types of foods have no nutritional value,which makes it hard for you to lose weight. Empty calories you get when take processed wheat products is not only downfall but at same time you ingest all kinds of unhealthy chemical additives. Once you decide to go for wheat free diet, you’re left with healthier options like fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, beans, nuts, and legumes. Because these foods are much more nutrient-dense than processed foods, it serves your health better. Choosing the wheat free diet, which is healthier food, you automatically reduce your caloric intake, so you have an easier time slimming down consuming wheat free diet.

How wheat free diet help losing Weight:

Most people may ask, how is it possible to lose weight by wheat free diet? So, its answer is very simple and also verified by scientific research. Many dietitians are of opinion that opting a wheat free diet which normally contains gluten from your diet make you eat less, and therefore you are consuming fewer calories overall ,which results in weight loss. Some doctors also suggest that wheat contains appetite-stimulating compounds which encourage your body to produce more insulin, a hormone that can cause you to store fat. The insulin makes you hungry and if you go for wheat free diet,then you are likely to eat less. And we all know eating is what makes anyone gain weight.

Know your food well

Most people while observing dieting feels that they are eating wheat free diet but the actual case may be different. Even if you are taking considerably less amount of wheat containing products on a regular, it will hamper your efforts to lose weight and you may end up gaining more weight despite all of your efforts. So, bottom line is, know what you are eating.

Don’t be lazy, go for exercise:

Yes, wheat free diet helps you lose weight but exercise has its importance as well. Exercise come handy when you want your weight to, simply disappear is few days. Wheat free diet is excellent way to lose weight but never consider it substitute to exercise. Now lace up and hit the gym wheat free diet will help you wear that old dress of yours which is one of your favorites but could not wear it because , you gained weight. Control your weight and stay healthy by consuming wheat free diet.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Healthy Foods that Might Make you Sick

Protein and vitamin rich, low in fat, fresh fruits and vegetables are considered to be the best healthy foods. Yet, nothing is perfect in this world. Fresh fruits and vegetables can make you sick, or even kill you, because they might be contaminated. But you do not need to be afraid; you only need to be aware of which kind of healthy food can harm you and be careful while adding them into your diet.

Food that makes you sick, which is otherwise healthy food, is most often served raw. The notion is that the bacteria and parasites that cause illness are usually destroyed during cooking the process, but remain on fresh fruits, vegetables and other raw foods, and can be ingested.

Food that makes you sick can cause food-poisoning which is horrible and can be a life-threatening experience. But it is hard to determine what is safe to eat, because in many cases it depends on individuals. Food allergies are too common as 80% people have food sensitivities or intolerances. So, knowing which healthy food is potentially risky can help. But you cannot avoid these foods because they’re part of a healthy diet.
Here is a potential list of foods that make you sick:

1. Eggs: Eggs are the most favorite breakfast and considered healthy food, yet it causes outbreaks, often due to the Salmonella bacteria which can lurk inside the egg. So, the eggs must be fully cooked and must not be eaten raw.

2. Tuna: Tuna fish contains high amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for human body. But it can be contaminated by scombrotoxin which causes food poisoning, headaches and cramps.

3. Oysters: Oysters can be contaminated if the water they filter is contaminated or during handling. If served undercooked or raw oysters may contain norovirus-germ and Vibrio-bacterium, which causes nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

4. Cheese: Cheese is considered to be healthy food, yet it can be contaminated with bacteria like Salmonella or Listeria, which may cause miscarriage.

5. Ice-Cream: Food that makes you sick could be Ice-cream, it may be contaminated due to handling or raw eggs and even if it is not pasteurized.

6. Berries: Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are favorite juicy fruits and considered healthy food yet a common source of food poisoning, because they’re grown on ground and have the potential of containing parasites and viruses.

7. Tomatoes: Tomatoes may be contaminated when you bring them home, but washing properly and storing separately you can avoid bacteria growth.

8. Melons: Melon is a healthy food, but its flesh is often contaminated with bacteria as they grow on ground.

9. Lettuce: Lettuce is considered healthy food and is a-must-have in salads, but it may contain sickening bacteria if not handled and stored properly. Other leafy-green vegetables are also contaminated due to manure, dirty water rinse, unwashed hands.

10. Cabbage: Cabbage heads grow close to the ground and have the potential of harboring bacteria. By removing the outer leafs and washing it thoroughly can prevent you from illness.

11. Fresh Juices: Fresh squeezed juice is always considered as a best healthy food but it may contain microbes that cause illness, which the fruit picked up due to contact with animal feces. Packed fruit juices are rather free from bacteria as they have been through pasteurization process of destroying bacteria.

12. Chicken/Beef/Turkey: Chicken, ground beef and ground turkey has the potential to be loaded with E. coli bacteria.

Cross-contamination can be the source of problem, so proper handling of healthy food in your kitchen is vital. Food that makes you sick because of contamination, such as meat, can transfer germs to other foods as well.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Sophia Loren – A Timeless Beauty Icon

From the last six decades, Sophia Loren has a mesmerizing and captivating charm of her own. She is personified Hollywood beauty icon that is timeless and will always remain. Sophia Loren’s sexy physique with an hour glass body shape, topped up with her energy and enthusiasm to look even crisper helped her ruling the hearts of her fans.

Sophia Loren, a legendary and Hollywood beauty icon is recognized in the Guinness Book of World Record as “Italy’s most awarded actress”. She won more than 50 international awards including two Oscars for giving remarkable acting performances in her movies. A few movies of Sophia Loren are considered to be masterpiece of not only their times, but all time block busters, such as, Nine, Two women, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow etc. Her performance coupled with her beauty makes her a Hollywood beauty icon.

Sophia Loren is supposed to be among those American screen legends that are of all times. This is what makes her Hollywood beauty icon. She was declared as “One of the world’s Cinema Treasures” in 1991 when Sophia Loren was awarded for her contributions to world cinema.

Sophia Loren, a timeless Hollywood beauty icon has appeared on more than 3000 magazine covers. She was chosen by People magazine as “One of the 50 most beautiful people in the world” while Empire magazine introduced Sophia Loren as “ One of the 100 sexiest stars in film history”.

Sophia Loren is known for her sharp wit and insight. One of her most frequently-quoted sayings is her quip about her famously-voluptuous figure: “Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti.” Her hour glass shape is the main cause of her becoming the Hollywood beauty Icon. She has always remained very much conscious of her figure and is famous for attaining the poses so that she appears even more seductive.

Like many of her era, her bust line was the draw for most of her movies. The competition for the biggest, best and most revealed was all around the movie work. Throughout the decades, Sophia Loren has kept her grace and sexual allure and has become one of the role-models for after-50 beauty.

Sophia Loren is one of those rare Hollywood beauty icons that can fit anywhere on the glamour spectrum. She has the cool European demeanor like Anita Ekberg and Brigitti Bardot as well as the Hollywood glitz of Jayn Mansfield and Marylin Monore.

Sophia Loren’s beauty can’t be restricted to any time frame as her glamour is ever green. Even now when she has grown 77, she is a Hollywood beauty icon and will always remain one. Her magical charm will remain in the air, alluring, seducing and mesmerising all her fans with her gorgeous sex appeal.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Tips for Women Valuable Nutrition

Taking a healthy and nutritious diet is necessary for every woman. Whether you are taking vegetarian diet or a nutritious diet based on carbohydrates/proteins, remember that nutrition can easily cure your diseases. Follow these nutrition tips for healthy living.

For women, this nutrition tip suggests that women go through monthly cycles, and pre-menopausal stages regularly which mean that they need iron in a good quantity. Iron deficiency is very common among women, so it is recommended that their iron intake for pre-menopausal stage should be 18 mg, and should be increased to 27 mg for pregnant women. This nutrition guide for women is to regularly include iron-rich foods such as meat, shellfish, beans and enriched cereals in their diet.

In order to maintain body fitness, calcium and vitamin D intake is essential for women. Calcium builds and strengthens bones and teeth. This helps in maintaining normal heart beat and regulating blood pressure. Calcium supplements help women relieve PMS. The nutrition guide for average adult women should be calcium and vitamin D 1000 mg and 200 IU respectively.

The vegetarian diet for woman should consist of kale, chard, collard greens, bok choy, broccoli, asparagus, green beans, etc. packed with vitamins A and C, fiber and phytonutrients. According to 2005 Dietary Guidelines, one should have 2 1/2 cups of vegetables daily.

The nutrition tip for women is that they should take berries as they are loaded with vitamin C, folate, fiber and phytonutrients. Fresh berries are powerful disease-fighting foods. Cranberries, for instance, are shown to decrease incidences of urinary infection in women.

In order to combat body diseases, improve your body fitness; eat breakfast regularly as it gives you a fuel for a new day. When we skip a meal, our metabolism works slowly.

We then tend to overeat at the next meal. The nutrition tip states that include at least three food groups in your breakfast so that you do not need to prowl for a mid-morning snack.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Audrey Hepburn – The Beauty and Elegance

Audrey Hepburn was a British actress, fashion icon and a humanitarian. Hepburn’s earlier struggle in the Second World War since she was living in Germany created this desire in her to help humanity. Hepburn’s acting career started when she entered Broadway and once she set her foot in the Hollywood there was no turning back. She won many awards for her brilliant acting and her unique style.

How did Hepburn evolve top being a fashion icon?

Audrey Hepburn was a fashion icon. Much of her being a fashion icon was because of Hubert De Givenchy and of course her waif-like figure. Givenchy designed clothes for her movies such as Sabrina and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Whatever she wore in films became a trend and people still follow them. The clothes she wore in her movies but were brilliant but at the same time only she knew how to carry them. Givenchy was often found saying that “I am amazed how her size has not changed even an inch in thirty five years”.

Audrey Hepburn and her style!

There were certain clothes and accessories that Hepburn carried which turned her in to a fashion icon she was on Vogue’s cover as well. Her cigarette holder became a fashion trend and it just looked marvelous in her hands. The cigarette holder used to go well with her petite hands. The big sunglasses that Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s came in to fashion and people still have sunglasses of those shape since fashion always repeats. Hepburn was one actress who knew how to carry hats and they looked exquisitely elegant on her. In many films she is wearing hats and it is complimenting her dresses.

Her jewelry was classy but simple. People wanted to have jewelry like hers and whatever she used to wear used to become a fashion trend instantly. The jewelry used to compliment her face and also the low neck dresses that she wore. In Breakfast at Tiffany’s she’s wearing a black dress with her big rounded sunglasses and she is wearing a beautiful necklace which is complimenting her entire look. Her hair style and everything else looked so perfect.

Audrey won a huge amount of awards for her acting, style and humanitarian work. She was also the goodwill ambassador to UNICEF. The actress worked a lot in Africa and Asia. Audrey Hepburn was a fashion icon and will always be known for her immense sense of style and beauty. She is one actress who still lives in our hearts as well as the fashion itself.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Save your relationship from breakup

If you are one of those silly people who always end up on breakup, having their heart broken for apparently no reason, then there certainly is a problem with you, often times we complaint, argue and fight with our partner without analyzing our own mistakes, that leads to a week dull and lifeless relationship. If you are going through this stage, then make a list of your own faults. Here are some of the most terrible mistakes that people do in a relationship that saps the whole spark out of relationship.

 A strong relationship is based on an ancient but true saying, “Take me as I am” In a relationship you need to accept the person as they are. It is utterly useless if you try to change them for the nature can never be changed. If you can not accept the person as they are, then ultimately you are not destined to be with them. Trying to change your partner will only create difficulties, anger and annoyance.

Often times we start taking each other for granted, Never ever do this if you want a strong healthy relationship, always make your relationship your top most priority, and make your partner feel that he is being loved and cared. Set aside everything else when your partner is with you. Express your happiness, love and appreciation whenever you meet make them feel that you are really happy to see them.

Another reason that can cause a relationship to break is the death of passion and romance. People usually believe that attraction and passion turn into commitment and friendship in practical life. Don’t do this if you want to keep your relationship frisky and full of life.  Indulge into playful flirtatious activities when your partner is around. Let the candle of romance burning till the end, Here are some really good ways to keep the romance and passion alive:
  • Hug and kiss your partner whenever they come home.
  • Don’t be too lazy to pay extra attention to your beauty and lifestyle
  • Give your partner a terrific massage (visit our home spa page for a perfect sensational massage)
  • Have a candle light dinner
  • Seduce their mind and whisper words of desire
  • Compliment your partner in front of other people.
  • Use the free time to snuggle and cuddle
  • Sleep like spoons
  • Give them romantic surprises
A quick way to kill the excitement in your relationship and be well on your way to breakup is by settling into a boring routine by doing the same things again and again. The best way to avoid monotony is trying and experimenting with new ideas. It all needs a little bit creativity and you will be again on the way to romantic relationship. For example, try to explore new places together, be playful and continue to be a challenge, always surprise your partner with some never-seen-before aspects of your personality but they should be pleasant one.

Being jealous is good for an exciting relationship, but the relationship becomes a burden when you show too much of this green eyed monster that is jealousy. Give your partner space and life outside the relationship and it will keep you both happy and tension free.

Learn to compromise and sacrifice if you want to build a strong and everlasting relationship, you can discuss it with your partner and find the middle ground, take the average between your differences and meet each other half way. But compromise is the first step towards a relaxed and happy relationship.

These are little things that you need to keep in mind to avoid your relationship from breakup, Stay happy, stay beautiful and relax keeping in mind these things and your partner will never go away from you.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Relationship tips to Save Marriage

To save something as precious as your marriage is not an easy task, especially, if you are still in love with your husband and your man has finally decided to split up. Does that mean, you are one step away from a divorce? How can you possibly live alone in future?

It is not easy for a woman to accept the fact that her husband does not love her and she is the only one holding to a failing marriage, when we fail to find a suitable answer, we tend to find a scapegoat. Here are some predictable relationship tips to follow:

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Tips to Improve Relationship with Husband to Save Marriage

Good relationship with your husband should not be only limited to a royal wedding and honey moon afterwards. Every marriage has its sad and happy moments that leave you questioning your compatibility as a couple. The sad moments makes the marriage spark fades away. Not only this, both husband and wife lose excitement when conversing with each other and other playful and joyful activities. In these circumstances, it is very difficult for both men and women to stay happy and satisfied in their love and marriage. So, following are the tips for wife to improve relationship with their husband to save marriage:

Develop emotional attachment

Develop emotional attachment with your spouse by doing certain things with him to improve relationship with your husband. It can be a verbal, non-verbal and physical gesture. These gestures includes passing a smile to your partner or helping him select his clothes before he go to work. You should not only do it once or twice in your marriage but you should do it daily to save your marriage.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Britney Spears – Successful Singer and Beauty Icon

Britney Spears is one of the hottest and most successful beauty icons all around the world. One of the sexiest beauty icons Britney Spears was born on December 2, 1981 in McComb, Mississippi, USA. In her flourishing career, Britney Spears gained huge fame due to his talent and being a noticeable beauty icon of the entertainment industry. For the first time, Britney Spears appeared on the national television in 1992 as a contestant on the Star Search competition. Later in 1993, Britney Spears made recognition as a beauty icon after showing up in Disney Channel’s television series in “The All New Mickey Mouse Club”.

In the world of entertainment, Britney Spears is not only known as the successful singer, songwriter, producer, actress, but Britney Spears has also gained recognition as a beauty icon, dancer, actress and entertainer. The multi-talented beauty icon Britney Spears signed her first recording contract with Jive.

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Sandra Bullock – The Symbol of Beauty and Strength

Think of beauty Icon and strength, struggle and success, then you are thinking about Sandra Bullock.

Sandra bullock is an American actress. She got fame and wealth after doing early movies Speed(one of the most successful movie as new comer) in 1990s. Sandra bullock is one of the finest actress and beauty icon of the Hollywood who before starting her career struggled a lot like she remained an ordinary opera singer then for a while she also worked as waitress.

It’s told about Sandra bullock that she is a lady who spent her 20 years of early age only in worrying about her future and life because she always worried about what she’s going to be?? What is her future? After that she spent her 30’s in working non stop. Now in the age of 40, she is living her life to the fullest with all the attractions a young heart can desire for. We can say that the worry and the work both let her to be on good place now.

She is an Academy award winner. She had done many most watched movies, among them “The Proposal” is the latest one, in past we can name” Blind side” as her classic work piece. Sandra bullock is surely strong women but like every Hollywood star she has the beautiful side too, but in Sandra bullock’s case, its beauty with strength.

About her beauty routine she unveiled that she takes only 10 minutes to get ready for a day. Sandra quoted that she is among those ladies who put some cream, apply mascara and get ready, but yeah her hair takes too much time to get settled. Sandra bullock is unique in all way even in her beauty definition, She don’t associate beauty with lots of cosmetics or long beauty salon sessions according to this beautiful Hollywood actress this makes you a bit artificial. She believes beauty should be as natural as when some one observe it they may get idea that it just happens. She is clever enough to apply her unique beauty definition in her beauty routine too so that she do not over make up.

She concentrate on her eyes and lips and leaves the skin as it is since according to Sandra bullock the messy untouched skin gives you the real beauty overlook whereas well make up eyes add more effects to it. Those ladies who are looking to get rid of lines under their eyes can apply Sandra bullock all in all beauty secret of using pile cream for fine lines.

Friday, 18 April 2014

The ‘Seduction’ of high heels

High heels are timeless creations of Egyptian Butchers; make the woman look ultra hot and sexy. They are characterized by an undeniable sex appeal, the click click sound in its every step whispers ‘Seduction’. They are characterized with the persona of a sophisticated, independent and alluring woman.

High heels encapsulate feminine sexuality in their artistically embellished and elegant designs. A woman can easily captivate a man in the delightful aura of her high heel which grasps her slim feet beautifully, making her calf muscle firm and toned, her buttocks are pushed out making them resemble a firm peach with an erotically charged line. A sexy high heel can make a woman look fantastic. Above all never ever forget the timeless love of men for high heels and the erotic waves that they send in each step.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Women Health Care

Health is wealth. This proverb seems more valuable and important when it comes to women’s health and health care efforts. Women’s health has greater importance as compare to men’s health as whole family and in fact her own self depend upon herself and her good health.

Unfortunately, because of too much responsibilities and work load woman often find it hard to balance her work, family and health care efforts. She hardly finds a break or time for her health care. With extra responsibilities and work load, a woman doesn’t have enough time for her health and stick to healthy habits to maintain her health. Beside this, it is medically proven that women are much more prone to health risks then men.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Elizabeth Taylor – Glamorous Legendary and A Beauty Icon

The term beauty icon has become so insignificant and devalued that it has just become pointless to grade any star as a beauty icon but Elizabeth Taylor is one of the very rare stars who really deserves to be known as a beauty icon. Elizabeth Taylor, died at the age of 79, went through a lot in her life. A number of relationships, diamonds, seductive looks, beautiful figure, perfume, make up etc. these were all that made her different from the rest. Her unique sense of style and sensuous looks and figure made her a beauty icon for decades.

First of all, Elizabeth Taylor often known as ‘Liz Taylor’ was a born Hollywood star. She was taught in the film studio’s of 1940’s where any star would never be in public casually. Liz always appeared stunning and extravagant in front of the public. Nowadays, often stars are seen in jeans and without makeup but you would never have seen any snaps of Liz in an informal or dull look. This is one of the main reasons that she was most wanted by men whereas women dreamt to be like her.

What made Liz a beauty icon were her eyes, which were one of her most iconic features. She knew how to play them up with dark makeup and statement earrings, which made her whole face sparkle.

 ”I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can’t possess radiance, you can only admire it,” Liz said.

In the 50s, Liz was entitled to be the “the Most Beautiful Woman in the World” also held the record for the most appearances on the cover of Life magazine-eleven in all. Wardrobe filled with lavish fur coats and jewels. Her fur collection gave her a larger than life appearance that Lady Gaga should be envious of.

Elizabeth Taylor along with her zeal to look glamorous, she also had a passion for jewels.

She once stated: “You can’t cry on a diamond’s shoulder, and diamonds won’t keep you warm at night, but they’re sure fun when the sun shines”.

At her death, it was estimated that she had a jewellery collection of $150 million. Diamonds and pearls were most prominent in her collection. Her long-lasting collection of jewellery was also mentioned in detain in her own book “My Love Affair with Jewellery”. She was so passionate for jewels that she also designed her own jewel collection known as “The Elizabeth Collection”.

Liz Taylor was a dazzling and gorgeous personality and a beauty icon of her kind. No other Liz can be born in decades. She had a startling persona. She loved to play with beautiful looks and her attractive curved figure. Perfume was also one her passions. She launched three perfumes under her own brand “White Diamonds”,”Passion” and “Passion for Men”

Taylor was a real icon. She went through a lot all her life, several health illnesses, a number of break ups,20 major surgeries not only this but she faced for different occasions of death bed where everyone had made up their minds that Liz was stay no more but she copped up through that too.No one could ever see her miseries on screen or in public. Her glamourous figure and remarkable fashion outfits remained constant.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Increase Passion Sex and Your Mood with 6 Natural Foods It!

Do you know if some kind of food is able to arouse sexual desire and your mood? Yes, the food group known as an aphrodisiac.

Instead of taking drugs that have side effects, try the 6 types of natural food and sex drive booster the mood:

Asparagus is rich in vitamin B6 and folate, which both can increase arousal and orgasm. Besides asparagus is also rich in vitamin E, which stimulates sex hormones in men and women.

Energy and a strong libido is needed to get great sex, and avocado are more than enough that you need. Avocados are loaded with minerals, healthy unsaturated fats, and vitamin B6 which all help increase your energy and sex drive. Avocados are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that naturally boost your mood

Paprika is not just extra spice in cooking, but the peppers also have a chemical content that is able to induce the release of endorphins in your brain so that it can create a feeling of euphoria (happy or cheerful).

Chocolate has long been associated with love and sex. Chocolate contains tryptophan amino acid that helps the body produce serotonin, a hormone that can bring a sense of excitement and cheers as well as play an important role in your sex drive.

Oysters are rich in zinc or zinc, an important mineral with many functions in the human body. Besides being able to boost immunity, zinc can also help produce testosterone, a hormone important in regulating male and female arousal and sexual function. Research shows, zinc can improve sperm count and sexual potency in men. For women, zinc can help ovarian (source of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone) stay healthy and keep in prime action in bed.

Watermelon, particularly the skin, contains nutrients called citrulline that can make blood vessels relax so as to prevent erectile dysfunction, an effect similar to Viagra. Enzymes through the body, citrulline is converted to arginine amino acid which works maintain a healthy heart, circulatory system, immune system, and boost nitric oxide thus improving blood circulation, including in the vital organs of sex.