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Healthy Tip: Excessive exercise can harm kidneys

We already know that extreme work out can jeopardize the wellness of the heart. Not only that, work out is done to excess it can also jeopardize the wellness of other organs, the kidney.

Was a man from California who were in discomfort after doing body building in a gym. Muscular discomfort that happens in the arm he is developing into a serious inflammation to three times its normal size on kesesokan day.

Fearing he had examined himself into a physician. The physician stated that he is experiencing Rhabdomyolysis, muscle harm situation that happens due to release of the compound creatine monohydrate kinase myoglobin along with the blood vessels. And the physician said that this situation could potentially cause kidney harm.

Men who asked for privacy it had to go through a series of assessments a case of blood assessments, cardiogram, to ultrasound examination. According to reliable sources this procedure takes up to more than 120 hours in medical center.

"Rhabdomyolysis often severe injuries such as accidents or falling stones. But obviously extreme strenuous work out can also cause muscle harm that leads to kidney problems, "says Barbara Spry, MD, representative for the National Kidney Foundation, as revealed by the Females Health.

To remove the system from the harmful minerals, IV water procedure is needed in treating patients with rhabdomyolysis. Kidney dialysis may also be needed, depending on the stage of kidney harm caused by these minerals. With this situation, the affected person had to stay for several days in the medical center.

Rhabdomyolysis kidney damage could be avoided. One way is to exercise according to your ability stage. Developing proper workout system and a safe are also needed to prevent rhabdomyolysis when training, so you can exercise appropriate sections and not extreme. Solicit the help of a trainer or doctors in creating workout system that suits your wellness issue.

When training, make sure you keep your system well moisturized. Drink a few sips of normal water before, during, and after work out. In addition to keeping the system moisturized, normal water is also useful to strengthen temperature and prevent heating up.

Adequate rest and healthy diet after work out is also recommended that the procedure of recovery of the system to run properly.

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