Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Pressure Points for Female Orgasm

Foreplay is the key to a climax or orgasm, but the build-up to orgasm is different for men and women. For female orgasm, there are certain pressure points or female erogenous zones that help a woman reach climax. Here are the top five pressure points for female orgasm.

Female pressure point 1, Breasts:
Indulging in touching, fondling and sucking of the breasts helps women reach orgasm at a faster rate. Breasts are considered one of the best pressure points to reach climax.

Female pressure point 2, Mons:
The area at the genital, above the pubic hair is called mons. It is known as the G-spot or pressure point to stimulate women. Feel confident about your body and genitalia to have frequent orgasms.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Sex is all about for healthy life

Sexual relationship is not only the medium to find sexual pleasure or reproduction. It is also useful in providing a sound health due to its positive impact on health. Many of us are not even aware of the benefits of having frequent sexual intercourse. A study claims that most of the women are involved in sexual relationship just because of obligation as they are not aware of the benefits and pleasure that can be derived from sex. A monogamous and stable relationship can help you in many ways making you physically, mentally, and emotionally active and strong. Sexual relationship provides you with many health benefits. Let us discuss few of the benefits of having regular sex.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Sex for a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s past midnight and you would love to slip into deep slumber. Instead, you are counting sheep, analysing why the boss gave you that look today, and why did those new pair of heels break? Well you needn't put up with such erratic sleep pattern everyday.  All you have to do is have sex to get a good night of beauty sleep. Here are more bed-time rituals you can follow

1. Have Sex!
So much vigorous activity after a long day could tire you out so much that you crash. "Combine sex with a hot shower to relax your body," says Dr Suraj Kumar, a sexologist.

2. Electronic lullaby
Play soft music or the soothing sounds of nature on the stereo in your bedroom before you go to sleep. Sounds such as that of gentle crash of waves or rustling of leaves can help you fall into deep sleep.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Foods for a Longer Erection

Did you know there are foods for a longer erection? Dr Vijay Singhal, Sexologist with Delhi based Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute lists out different foods that you can eat for a longer erection.

Watermelons, papayas and bananas (rich in potassium) increase blood flow by dilating arterioles (small blood vessels) and thus help in improving an erection.

Nuts, milk and cheese contain zinc, which is good for the male sex hormone testosterone, which in turn is required for an erection.

Also, garlic and onion contain allicin,  which helps increase blood flow.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

5 Sex Positions for a Small Penis

Most men mistakenly believe that size matters. This perception may cause men with a smaller penis a significant amount of anxiety and it can prevent both partners from reaping the sexual satisfaction they might otherwise experience. So if you have a small penis you can still have amazing sex. So follow these simple rules and you will have a mind blowing sexual experience. 

Focus on foreplay: Before penetrattion, try to stimulate your woman with foreplay. Men with a smaller penis should focus on prolonged foreplay as this will keep the woman in a state of arousal and get her closer to orgasm and help you have great sex. 

Doggie style: This is one common and most widely known sex position. Just use the proper positions to make the most of it.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Tips to Get Back in Shape Your Body After Pregnancy

Childbirth is a fresh chapter in a woman’s life and the new mother is close to feeling hassled due to several changes – emotional as well as physical. Here are a few tips that may go a long way in saying goodbye to all the weight gain during pregnancy.

Follow a nutritious diet: This is the time when you cannot go wrong with what you eat as it affects the milk supply to the newborn baby. “Start consuming wholesome meals and adopt a sensible approach to losing weight post-delivery,” suggests ACE-certified trainer Rashmi Uttam. She suggests new mommies to eat whole grains, fresh vegetables, high proteins in the form of fish and also healthy fats. “Good sources of such fats are nuts, olive oil and pure ghee, but all in balanced proportions,” she says.

Breast feed your baby: Did you know that breastfeeding can actually help you lose those extra pounds? There’s good news for new moms as nursing your precious one can lead to weight loss. Breastfeeding requires mothers to make milk which naturally burns calories and help her to shed those ugly flabs. 

Think positive: Positive thinking goes a long way in preparing for a weight loss programme that is equally taxing on the mind and the body. Your baby is your first priority, so no matter how many kilos you have put on, remember you can get back in shape with time. Till then, revel in the happiness and positivity that your bundle of joy has brought into the family.

Go for walks: Brisk walking is probably the best exercise for women who have just delivered a baby. But at the same time, relax for at least 2-3 weeks before you hit the park! If you are a good swimmer, then it is a better idea to hit the pool to shed those kilos. 

Say no to processed foods: As pointed out before, it is essential to follow a nutritious diet for your baby, more so if you are breastfeeding. Therefore, avoid all kinds of processed foods such as soft drinks, bakery products, frozen meals and canned food among others. Eat right and see how you get back to looking great!

Find support: It is very important to talk to friends and family members who have gone through a similar situation right after childbirth. Most often you will be flooded with interesting tips from an experienced mother. You can also pick up books on post-natal exercises and the like, to keep yourself motivated through the weight loss routine. 

Continue with regular activities: If you were able to manage work and home during pregnancy without much difficulty, then you are safe to resume your normal activities after delivery. Cook up a tasty dish in the kitchen or arrange your book rack…there are so many things that can keep you on your toes!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

5 Positions sex a safe and gratifying during pregnancy

Comfort is of prime importance when planning to get intimate during pregnancy. A pregnant woman may not have the desire to have sex or may feel tired and nauseated. These are all part of the pregnancy side effects. But a healthy sex life can be practiced all along your pregnancy right until the water breaks or your obstetrician instructs you to stop. Keep in mind to protect the belly from any kind of pressure and you are good to go. Experimenting with positions will make you aware of what suits you.

Side by side spooning: This sex positions has the man and woman lying on their sides facing each other. This is a comfortable posture that keeps the weight off the belly and supports the uterus too. Although later in the pregnancy, the growing belly would come in the way of you and your partner. Enjoy it in the first and second trimester as it gives a sense of intimacy.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Making love during pregnancy is a great idea and benefit your relationship

Physical intimacy during pregnancy is believed to be taboo but let’s debunk that myth. Sex can be quite a mood booster for a healthy, happy glow. Making love while you await your little angel’s arrival will also benefit your relationship. We list nine reasons to continue having sex until you are ready to deliver (or your obstetrician says otherwise).

Happy Hormones: A surge in hormones helps fetal movement. An orgasm releases endorphins or happy hormones that make both you and your baby happier and more relaxed. It is also believed that pregnancy sex is more orgasmic due to the increased blood flow in the intimate areas. During pregnancy women experience an increase in sex drive that allows for an intense climax and more pleasurable sex.