Monday, 17 August 2015

Mushrooms, Food Good For People with Diabetes

According to experts, the fungus is known both for people with diabetes because it contains a little and even no sugar at all.

"Species wild mushrooms who cultivated a lot of consumed because of value of nutritional. Mushrooms rich in will be nutrients important and constituents good for diabetics because have a little sugar or no exist at all, "said TN Lakhanpal of the Department of Bioscience in Himachal Pradesh University.

Lakhanpal constitute one of the delegation of the India who participated in the 100th Indian Science Congress, which end on Sunday (12/1) yesterday.

According to scientist such, fungus which virtually free of fat also could advantageous for the sufferers obese.

Moment spoke about the importance of biology mushrooms, Lakhanpal said: "Potential fungus as neutraceuticals already emerged as an important aspect biology fungi in the 20 years last".

"Also, all fungus investigated so far has been found to has a curative properties against cancer, HIV and diseases other deadly," he said as quoted from

Besides beneficial as a drug, mushroom cultivation also provide benefits in the field of the economic.

"Cultivation Mushroom is an cottage and industrial commercial, as well as the became source of earning a livelihood, in among people-people villagers."

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