Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tips To Improve Sex Life Part 3

Sexuality is part of being human. Love and sexual intimacy contribute to healthy relationships, and to our happiness. It’s a tough task to keep your sex life fresh and exciting through years of even the most loving relationship.
Here are some more ideas for the exciting sexual relationship.

  1. Negotiate a compromise: One of the most common sexual conflicts is how often couples are going to have sex. It can lead to a tremendous easing of tension all round to bring the issue out into the open and work out a compromise. Agree which nights you will have sex and stick to it.
  2. Don’t rush: To discover the more intense pleasure and passionate intimacy which in a good, lasting relationship, will more than replace the thrill of the new, you have to take your time. Try slowing sex down and savouring each moment and each touch.
  3. Remember there’s more to sex than intercourse: Don’t feel that sex always has to end with intercourse. It helps tremendously to break that deadening feeling of routine if at least sometimes you give each other satisfaction in other ways.
  4. Dress up – or down: It helps to re-stimulate sexual triggers if our partner can’t always be sure what we will look and feel like when we make love. If you usually go to bed in nightclothes, for example, surprise them by appearing stark naked.
  5. Relax together: You generally need at least an hour together before sex to tune in to each other, relax, forget the other pressures of the day and to start to think about the pleasures you could share.

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