Saturday, 19 September 2015

5 Fun Kisses to Try With Your Partner

Does a kiss with your partner seem as mundane as a routine task? Don’t lose the magic moment for lack of creativity. Here’s a step by step guide to making a kiss more fun!

Butterfly kiss
Bring your partner’s face close to yours and flutter your eyelashes rapidly on his or her face.

Don't: Change the direction of your head every few seconds. Unless you are in the throes of passion, this is hugely distracting.

Earlobe kiss
Deeply seductive, this will require you to suck and nibble the earlobe of your partner and sensitise nerve endings located in the region.

Don't: Be aggressive at any point in time or force them into a position they aren’t comfortable with.

Melt kiss
This is when you can put your gourmet creativity to use. Like the seductive scene from the film 9 1/2 weeks, blindfold your partner’s eyes and exchange surprising items from the fridge by placing it in your mouth and while you kiss, transferring it into theirs. Ice cube, fruits, chocolates, candies and jelly are excellent options.

Don't: Pucker like a guppy fish, going in and out as if you were reaching out for air. Keep your movements steady, slow and in control.

Nip kissThis is when you start to get frisky and nibble your partner’s lip a little as you kiss. It suggests a playful, aggressive maneuver, which if appreciated can be taken on further into a full French smooch.

Don't: Keep your mouth open too wide. If both their lips can fit between yours, you’re doing it wrong.

Other than the cheek, and parts of the face, kisses are quintessential to foreplay and you can use them to excite the erogenous zones on your partner’s body. Some sensitive areas are the back of the ear lobe, the neck, its nape, shoulder muscles for men, the sides of your torso, behind the knee, ankles, feet and most essentially toes. With millions of nerve endings in these areas, a soft kiss or a light suckling action can do wonders. 

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