Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Perfect Kiss

The first kiss of a relationship decides its course. For women, kissing is a preview of her man's moves in bed later. But, women tend to forget that if we are judging the man on his lip lock techniques, then he might be doing the same. Don’t freak out! We bring to you the dos and don’ts of the lip-lock for that perfect kiss, that will make him want to reach for you again and again.

Do stop talking: Good conversation is a must-have in a relationship, but it’s better to stop talking when kissing. Kissing should be continuous and effortless, so just keep the jibber-jabber to the minimum.

Don’t forget to use your hands: It’s just not your lips and tongue which complete the kiss, but your hands too. Gentle caress and soft strokes act as a catalyst in turning on your man.

Do remember mints: If the date seems to be going well and you think you want to lock lips with the guy later, then make sure you have some mints tucked away in your bag. Nothing can be worst than kissing with a garlic-infused breath.

Don’t try to guide him: Your guy might get really nervous because, as experience suggests, men are insecure beings. If you dislike something that your man is doing, don’t interrupt the kiss and try to guide him. He will hate it. Playfully suggest that you try something else the next time and he will willingly agree with his ego intact.

Do mix it up: Experiment and surprise is the sentiment of the kissing hour. Start slow and soft and then, if he is a really good kisser, alternate between tiny pecks and cute nibbles to lip bites and deep kisses. He will so love it.

Don’t lock your lips: Men love to explore, so why not let them? Women at times lock their lips and don’t give men the freedom to explore further.  We say, let them go ahead and discover whatever there is to.  It will lower your inhibitions too.

Do try a tender lip bite: Men love surprises. While kissing, gently bite his lips and surprise him. Don’t go overboard and start gnawing at them. What we suggest is, soft nibbling.

Don’t use your teeth: Women, your teeth are not here to join the kissing party, so keep them in check. Grinding your teeth against the guy’s can be a serious turn-off. Use your lips and tongue to keep him busy and definitely not your teeth.

Do grab his hair: Men love it when you grab their hair. During the kiss slowly touch his hair and then suddenly grab it, surprising him.  It will also show him how turned on you are.

Don’t use too much tongue: The kiss needs to linger longer and using tongue is just the right way to go. But don’t overdo it.  Slowly caressing his lips with your tongue is fine but jutting it inside out continuously will feel icky.  So let your tongue just say hello!

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