Saturday, 9 November 2013

5 Positions sex a safe and gratifying during pregnancy

Comfort is of prime importance when planning to get intimate during pregnancy. A pregnant woman may not have the desire to have sex or may feel tired and nauseated. These are all part of the pregnancy side effects. But a healthy sex life can be practiced all along your pregnancy right until the water breaks or your obstetrician instructs you to stop. Keep in mind to protect the belly from any kind of pressure and you are good to go. Experimenting with positions will make you aware of what suits you.

Side by side spooning: This sex positions has the man and woman lying on their sides facing each other. This is a comfortable posture that keeps the weight off the belly and supports the uterus too. Although later in the pregnancy, the growing belly would come in the way of you and your partner. Enjoy it in the first and second trimester as it gives a sense of intimacy.

Woman on top: As the woman grows bigger, this position proves to be the most comfortable as it keeps the belly out of the way. It is also known that pregnant women should not lay flat on their back after the third trimester, since it can rupture some blood vessels due to the pressure on the back. This sex position also gives control to the woman who can stop when she feels the pressure rising.

On the edge: Lying on the edge of the bed with your legs spread out while your partner enters you standing is an interesting and safe sex position. You can rest your feet on his chest or stretch them out through his shoulders for support. To avoid pressure on your back, pull up some pillows.

Sitting up:  In this sex position, you can use a chair as a prop and sit on your partner’s lap while he places himself on the chair. This way there is no weight on your belly and you can control the pressure and avoid deep penetration by shifting positions.

Modified missionary position: This modified sex position has the woman lying on her back with legs spread out while the man enters her without placing his weight on the body. Propping pillows for comfort helps. 

Disclaimer: In case of a high risk pregnancy, orgasms must be avoided. Do consult your doctor.

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