Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Fresh Fruits that Make You Younger

Included in the family of canteloup gourd or Cucurbitaceae-Labuan. This clean fruit comes from the Middle East and progressively had spread to the European region. In fact, according to some sources, a record of a canteloup has been around since the days of Ancient The red sea, as confirmed by some writing on the chart.

Around the year Seventies, canteloup began to get into the Indonesian market. But at the time, the clean fruit is classified as 'rich men' because the cost is very expensive. Now as development era, the canteloup has been developed widely in Philippines, so it can be obtained cheaply and can be enjoyed by all.
Melon Fruit Nutrient

In inclusion to having a clean taste, a canteloup also contains a myriad of nutritional value your human demands. In 100 grms of canteloup skin are essential nutritional value such as, carbohydrate food 14.8 g, 1.55 g protein, 0.5 g fat, 546.9 mg blood potassium, Supplement A 5706.5 IU (64 % fulfill the everyday needs of vitmain A ), and 74.7 mg vitamin C (12 % fulfill the everyday requirement of vitamin C).
Health Benefits of Melon Fruit

With the material of a fairly complete nutritional value, it is no wonder if a canteloup to be one of the clean fruit option used to increase stamina and avoid a variety of diseases, such as:

Anti Cancer

As well as the capability of clean fruits and vegetables to another, a canteloup also has the capability to prevent melanoma because it attacks the carotenoid material. Carotenoids are pigmentation giving color to clean fruits and vegetables. High carotenoid material in clean fruits can avoid some malignancies, such as united states and breast malignancies.

Prevent Center Attack

In inclusion to effectively avoid some malignancies, adenosine material in canteloup are also able to stop the clots of blood vessels tissues which can lead to cardiac problems. Adenosine performs by circulation of red blood vessels tissues so as to prevent cardiac problems.


You've heard the term bovine collagen. A material that is often used to counteract ageing on some of the women in the world to look younger. Well, bovine collagen material was also found in canteloup. Moreover to preventing ageing, bovine collagen is also useful to speed up injure healing.

Diet that Refreshes

More than 90 % of its water canteloup is able to provide a relaxing effect and stops the heat inside. The clean fruit is very low in calories, fat and cholesterol free, making it suitable to be consumed while you are dieting.

Prevent Impotence

Well, for those who have problems with your sex life, you should immediately take this one clean fruits. According to several studies in the UK, a canteloup contains an protein called citrulline that can produce l-arginine.

Arginine is useful in increasing the blood vessels circulation, especially the blood vessels circulation to the sex-related body parts. Arginine performs as a activator that expand veins so that blood vessels circulation to the sex-related body parts to be smooth and avoid erection problems (impotence).

Healthy Eyes

Melon is also rich with beta-carotene which is useful to enhance the sharpness and maintain eye wellness. Beta-carotene is converted by the system into vitamin A and used by the system to enhance the function of the eye, especially in ruangaan with minimal lighting.

Well, from now on do not hesitate to get into the canteloup into your everyday menu.

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