Monday, 27 April 2015

Tips To Improve Sex Life Part 1

Sexuality is part of being human. Love and sexual intimacy contribute to healthy relationships, and to our happiness. It’s a tough task to keep your sex life fresh and exciting through years of even the most loving relationship.
Here are some ideas for the exciting sexual relationship.

  1. Give your love life priority: Making love should be one of the most important parts of a relationship, yet many of us devote just 20 minutes at the end of the occasional day. Adults have many demands on their time and energy, but take your role as your partner’s lover as seriously as you take your roles as worker, parent, friend, etc. Set aside time to make love properly.
  2. Vary your setting: If you always make love in your good old double bed, look for chances to vary Where you make love as well as when.
  3. Learn massage: To be touched caringly is one of our most basic human needs – as crucial as food and drink – but all too often touching gets cut down to a minimum, even by couples having sex. Sharing skilled, all-over body massage brings great physical pleasure and relaxation to both the giver and receiver.
  4. Do something unexpected: If you suddenly realise you can both be home from work early one day, don’t mow the lawn or clean the cupboards. Use that precious gift of unexpected time together to add the freshness of variety to your loving.
  5. Revive the dating game: Remember when you would meet up for dates, go out somewhere pleasant, talk together and look forward to getting up close and personal? Agree with your partner that you will devote every Wednesday night or whenever to talking, sharing a drink and a DVD, relaxing together. Sex must not be compulsory – but there’s a good chance you will both fancy it.

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