Sunday, 8 March 2015

8 Tips to Have a Good Night's Sleep

1. Sleep in a comfortable bed, in quiet, dark rooms and places where you feel secure.

2. Don't snooze in the evening, even if the nigh before that you haven't slept well. Try to stay awake and go to the sleep not earlier than 8 o'clock. Maintain the
same sleeping hours, as this way your body will keep a constant rhythm between the sleep and active periods.

3. Don't drink coffee or take other brain stimulating chemicals before going to sleep.

4. Do not make difficult physical exercises or eat copious meals before going to sleep. Make a habit from relaxing before going to bed. Avoid things that would excite your interest or maintain you awake. For example, avoid watching movies, TV shows or reading thrilling magazines. Do not read or watch TV in bed.

5. For many people, a warm (not hot) bath or an easy reading helps them relax.

6. Some beverages can induce somnolence before sleeping: warm milk, buttermilk, some wine or hop, peppermint, or camomile tea, but not black/green tea, which contains caffeine.

7. However, relaxing before going to sleep is not enough. A balanced life, exercising regularly, trying to avoid worrying too much about small things and frustrations caused by greed, jealousy, animosities and ambitions could help you sleep better. A balanced diet and drinking less alcohol are also rules that should be followed if you want to rest at night. Stress must be eliminated as much as possible, since that's the stage when the organism feels continuously threatened. The individual is the most vulnerable during sleeping? That's why stress keeps the body "alert" making you feel like there's no way you can fall asleep.

8. Having sex before sleeping equals sleeping better. After an orgasm, especially in the evening, we become sleepy. This is the natural effect of good sex: it boosts sleep quality. Following an orgasm, the body of both males and females becomes completely relaxed, so they may have a good deep sleep.

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