Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Makeup Tips For Indian Women

If you are having a difficult time deciding on which colors to try, pick a celebrity or a public figure that looks similar to you in skin, eye, and hair color. Then every time you see her in a magazine, pay attention to the color she is wearing. Even tearing pictures out of a magazine, or printing colored pictures from the internet. More than likely, those colors are good for you as well.

One stronger piece of advice about Indian makeup color: The colors you like generally are good for your skin tone. Follow your instinct, and don’t settle for someone else “telling” you what to wear.

  • If you have oily skin, before applying make-up first apply astringent lotion and wait for 5 min then do make-up as you like.
  • Consider makeup that is a shade lighter than your skin. The reason is because makeup tends to turn a shade darker once it mixes with the skin’s natural oils. This point even hold true if you are going to spend time outside where you will sweat. Sweat has sebum which again turns foundation dark.
  • Stick to foundations with a yellow base, even if you have rosy cheeks. Yellow base tends to suit Indian skin better. Besides, you can reclaim the rosy cheeks with a blush. Use powder or compact to soak up the oil.
  • To fill in the gaps in the eyebrow shape, use a color that matches the natural colors of your brows or a shade lighter than that.
  • Thread your brows regularly to keep them in shape and avoid using eyebrow pencil for the monsoon season.
  • Sheer and pastel powder eye shadows in brown, pink and light brown shades are just right for the rain parties.
  • Use soft gloss on the lipstick to tone down the harsh winter look.
  • Indian hair is naturally beautiful, so what you mostly need to do is maintain that healthy, shiny looking hair. Wash and condition it regularly using a mild shampoo and get a cut that will best complement your face, body and lifestyle.
  • If you’re darker, find a shade of deep brick red or plum burgundy and swipe that on your lips, using a matching lip liner underneath for a clean look.
  • Lips Shade: - Red, plum, salmon, apricot, lavender, berry, and pink are all shades that most Indian skin tones can wear.
  • Eye Shades: - For eye makeup, Indian beauties look stunning in shades of dark browns, coppers, burgundies, beiges, and prunes. Shimmer on darker skin usually ends up looking overdone, so if you want to try this look, use as little shimmer as possible.
  • You can soften the lines with a small-tip blending brush or with a sponge-tipped applicator. Outline the eyes using a Kaajal pencil. Kaajal makes your eyes look appealing and cool, and it is a traditional cosmetic item that is loved by many Indian women.
  • Cheeks: - Colors in peach and coral look great on you. Dusty pink blush warms and freshens up your face, so feel free to experiment with this color. Darker skinned women normally don’t need blush but if you’d like to add a splash of color to your cheeks, seek out pinks, burgundies, and reds. The darker your complexion, the darker your blush should be in order for it to show through.

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