Saturday, 12 December 2015

Music Can Help Cancer Patients

Music has always been soothing to our ears and mind. It can relax our senses and help us to unwind. Whether it is listening to music, playing instruments or vocal singing, apart from being a form of expression it also helps in refreshing our minds.

While this was known and practiced since ages, the recent scientific studies suggest that music can also help in managing cancer patients. Music therapies are known to have therapeutic effects on mood swings, pain and general tolerance levels. It can be considered as a complementary therapy that can help in relieving the stress of patients and can bring about a change in the suffering minds.

Music therapy

Cancer patients not only suffer from physical complaints but also experience an imbalance in their emotional state. Most of the patients are anxious about their newly detected cancer. The treatment part can at times cause some trouble to them. Many patients begin to feel depressed due to the ongoing treatment, while many begin to feel hopeless about the results and recovery of their condition.
Music therapy can be seen as a mode of energizing cancer patients and brining new hope in their thoughts, words and actions. It can be used as a recreational but therapeutic way of complementing the main cancer treatment. Studies say that music can probably be useful in improving pulse, blood pressure and help the patients to relax and stay calm. Experts in music therapy can better judge the beneficial effects of music in augmenting the treatment in cancer patients.

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