Thursday, 31 December 2015

Sex Your Life In a New Place Without Ever Leaving The House Part I

You've heard it before: If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. But when it comes to your sex life, heading into the kitchen—or the living room, or even going for bathroom sex—can stoke the sexual fire.

"It's easy to fall into a rut: 'Your side of the bed or mine?'" says Emily Morse, author of Hot Sex and star of Bravo's Miss Advised. Simply getting out of the bedroom can make things more exciting. Use this room-by-room guide to turn your home sweet home into a sexy love shack.

Living Room
You've likely christened your couch already, but have you involved a throw pillow? Smushing one under your lower back angles your pelvis up, making for increased clitoral stimulation when he enters you missionary-style, says Morse. Likewise, ottomans don't get as much action as they deserve. If he sits on the footstool, you can straddle him while still having both feet on the ground, which results in easier, more powerful thrusting.

Another option is to amp up the exhibition factor, without becoming those neighbors (you know, the ones who always "forget" to draw the curtains). Simply get closer to the window and open the blinds just a touch. "The UPS man has seen everything—trust me," says sex educator Tristan Taormino, editor of The Ultimate Guide to Kink. But if you want to be able to say package to the delivery guy without turning tomato, shut the blinds and click on some porn-on-demand. (Check out the reviews on or for female-pleasing selections.) As foreplay, make a picnic dinner and eat on the floor, suggests Ian Kerner, a sex counselor and author of She Comes First.

Regular old shower sex: Been there, done that. Heighten under-the-water nooky by adding lube (silicone versions are water-friendly) or a toy, like a waterproof vibrator, spongy knee pads, or Sex in the Shower's suction-on handles, footrests, and even handcuffs (if you're a very dirty girl). Just think: There's no other room where you can customize the handle heights and footrests to your exact specifications—or keep moving them around for variety—so experiment! Or let him bathe you in the tub with a vibrating sponge (yes, they make those too). When you're ready to return to dry land, get in some mirror time. "Lean over the counter with him standing behind you, and both of you can watch," says Morse.

They're a hot spot for more than standard missionary quickies. Exhibit A: standing doggie-style. Bend over a few steps up from him so your parts are aligned and he can enter you without having to crouch—a position that allows for deep penetration and lends an animal quality to your session (the other reason they call it doggie-style). Or consider this: "Stairs can help women who don't have enough leg strength for reverse cowgirl," says Morse.

Have him recline on a step while you straddle him with your back to him. Use the ledge below for leg leverage so you can remain steady while thrusting. There's lots of potential here for G-spot stimulation, and you can get even more bang for your bucking by having him reach around you for some manual action as well. (You're doing most of the work, after all!)

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