Thursday, 4 February 2016

Wearing Erotic Lingerie For Increased Sexual Pleasure

Wearing erotic lingerie is an excellent way to add intrigue and intimacy to the sexual experience. There are many styles that a person or couple can choose depending on the type of encounter sought. A person can opt for a more demure item or something a bit more erotic to reveal more of the body.

Choosing the right type of erotic lingerie can set the tone for a passionate encounter. Knowing what is desired by both partners will help with decision making. It is also important to keep in mind the body type of the person wearing the piece. A full figured person can be just as sexy as a petite figure if the pieces chosen compliment the person's best features. The more comfortable a person is in the lingerie the sexier they will feel which often translates into more passion.

Costumes are an excellent way to bring some fun to an intimate evening. Many people use this type of clothing as a way to role play a situation. Items can range from a sexy nurse to a law enforcement agent or maidservant. These types of attire help to set the mood for a flirty experience.

To make sure that the erotic lingerie will elicit attraction it is important for partners to discuss likes and dislikes. For those that are just getting to know each other it may be less intimidating to wear a classic piece like a garter and corset or babydoll dress. For couples who have established comfort and trust they may be drawn to more revealing pieces, such as see-through items.

For couples who have open communication and are comfortable with each other they may want to be a little more daring with what they are wearing. Being more creative and seductive with a wardrobe may help each person live out a fantasy. In some cases couples prefer the woman to be more dominant in the bedroom and therefore choose a garment that portrays dominance. Often these outfits are leather, and some may come with a mask for more intrigue.

Some outfits that will help to ignite passion is a strapless bustier. This is a form fitting piece that helps to accent curves and leaves something to the imagination. For a person who is comfortable with their body and wants to show it off they might opt for an open teddy, which consists of an open stomach and under-wire bra.

Erotic lingerie comes in many different styles, colours and materials, with satin, lace, ribbons and embroidery all being popular. A person can choose anything from a satin piece to a leather garment. A person will want to consider what looks best on them when choosing a colour, as well as what colours they prefer. White may give a message of innocence while black tends to be a bit naughtier. Red is also a popular choice, especially around Valentines Day or Christmas time.

When contemplating wearing exotic lingerie it is important to keep an open mind and imagination. The bedroom is a wonderful place to experiment with different styles or costumes. The more partners communicate with each other the more likely they are to experience increased sexual pleasure.

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