Thursday, 28 January 2016

Places to increasing sexual excitement (Besides The Bedroom)

The initial rush of sexual excitement that goes along with meeting somebody new and falling in love gradually comes to an end. However, just because you and your lover are in it for the long haul doesn’t have to mean your sex life has to suffer. In fact, keeping things interesting when it comes to sex can help keep the entire relationship fresh and exciting. A great way to mix things up is by getting it on in places other than the bedroom. As an experiment, try to make love in as many of the following places as possible; we promise that when the list is complete, your love life will be humming along like never before.

On The Beach – Sex on the beach isn’t just a cocktail; it can be a really thrilling, rather naughty experience. Any old beach will do, but be sure to find a place with at least a modicum of privacy; after all, you don’t want to have to deal with any public indecency charges.

In An Airplane – Sure, the concept of the "Mile High Club" has been done to death, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Make joining the club a priority; you’d be surprised at how intoxicating and gratifying having sex at 10,000 feet or
morecan be. The logistics involved in pulling it off – maneuvering around and avoiding detection – add to the thrill.

In The Car – Recreate your teenaged years by getting it on in the backseat of a car. Bonus points for doing it in a moving vehicle, and triple bonus points if you can do it in amoving vehicle with the top down. No matter how you do it, though, car sex is a must for any truly sexually adventurous couple.

On A Pool Table –  If you own a pool table and haven’t made love on it yet, what are you waiting for? There’s something positively titillating about getting frisky on a pool table. Amp up the fun by doing a little bit of role-playing beforehand, and you’ll have one hot encounter.

In The Shower –  Besides the bedroom, the shower is probably one of the most common places for couples to do it. The bonus of getting clean right after getting dirty is undeniable. Although balance and coordination are key, you can come up with different positions and methods for making it as fun as possible.

On A Patio Or Balcony – The potential for getting caught is a turn on for many people. If you’re one of them, then doing it on a balcony or a patio can be downright thrilling. Depending on how "in the open" the place is, the danger of being caught can really kick things up a notch. If you don’t have a patio or balcony handy, stay in a hotel that has one. 

On The Washing Machine – Having sex on a washing machine is pretty fun; having sex on a running washing machine is incredible. The vibrations and noise that are generated by one of these machines can give an interesting twist to standard lovemaking. Make sure to set it to the long cycle so that it stays on longer than you do! 

In A Hot Tub – Hot tubs are great places to make love. The combination of steamy, bubbling water and skimpy attire get people’s minds thinking all sorts of naughty thoughts. Try acting on those thoughts next time, and you and your partner will never look at a hot tub the same way again.

On A Trampoline – You don’t have to be a gymnast to do it on a trampoline. In fact, having sex on a trampoline doesn’t mean doing flips and other acrobatics. Instead, the sensation of going at it on the bouncy, springy surface of a trampoline is where all the fun comes in – so give it a whirl!

At Work –  Doing it at work isn’t possible for all people; if you have your own office, though, or a rarely used conference room, it can make for a really nice break. "Remember that discretion is key – you don’t want to end up unemployed because you wanted to get a little frisky. Bonus points if you can pull it off during business hours, but stick to after-hours fun if the risk is too high.

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