Friday, 1 January 2016

Sex Your Life In a New Place Without Ever Leaving The House Part II

Who says sex isn't a special occasion? Dig out the leaf you use at Thanksgiving to make the dining-room table larger and sturdier. Sitting on the edge with your legs wrapped tight around him as he stands in front of you allows for maximum skin contact and kissing, which makes this maneuver a delicious combo of racy and sweet. You can also lie back, put your feet on his shoulders, and lift your bum up to meet his thrusts, which allows for particularly deep penetration. Kerner recommends adding a little flavor with food, but skip cliched (and messy) chocolate sauce and whipped cream in favor of Red Hots. Roll a few around in your mouth before oral sex; capsaicin, the ingredient that gives spicy food its kick, stimulates arousal. Morse is a candy girl, too, and suggests stringing candy necklaces around your necks or limbs and nibbling at them, or dousing yourself in Pixy Stix flavored sugar and having your lover lick it off.

WH asked five sexologists how to get it on in the garage, and they all had the same answer: Realize his teenage dream and have sex in your car. Since you're not actually on the road, you can both get into the driver's seat. Slide it back as far as it goes, then straddle him while he grabs the steering wheel to help turbocharge his thrusts. Taormino suggests getting more adult with a little role playing: "What the garage brings to mind for me is a mechanic-and-rich-housewife scenario," she says. "Coveralls, a little bit of grease."

Or, if you've been searching for a spot to hang a sex swing (because. . .who hasn't?), look no further. Yes, it's a little Samantha Jones, but it's ideal for sampling more-challenging positions without pulling a muscle. "The garage could be a great place to set up something you wouldn't want to have in your bedroom," says Kerner. He also recommends Liberator furniture, angled or curved foam pieces that are designed to help you try different positions and are easy to stow in the one part of the house that's not on the official tour.

Master the Bedroom
If you absolutely must stay close to your duvet cover, keep things fresh with these tricks.

Don't lie down.
Try "flying doggie-style," in which you kneel on all fours on the bed while he stands behind you.

Read a bedtime story.
Violet Blue and Rachel Kramer Bussel have several riveting erotica collections.

Get organized.
Create a "yes, no, maybe" list together and circle whether you definitely like, definitely don't like, or are willing to consider certain acts.

Take down the family photos. "You don't need pictures of kids or your parents in the bedroom," says sex counselor Ian Kerner. "Put up a sexy photo of the two of you."

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