Saturday, 11 January 2014

Your Common Sex Dreams Decoded

Having wet dreams? Dreaming about sex can be really pleasurable but if it happens all the time, then it can take a creepy turn too. Erotic dreams interpret your craving of sexual desire but there are times when they have an entire different meaning. To help you analyse and understand the meaning, we decode your most common sex dreams.

Stranger in the Bed: There are many times you tend to dream about a stranger ravaging you in bed. The faceless man makes you happy and with every appearance you think he is your soulmate. Well, you are so wrong there. It signifies that you need to add some masculine traits in your life, such as being assertive, speaking your mind and taking a stand.

The big O story: There are times when you dream of climaxing again and again in your sleep and even at times have a dream induced orgasm. It represents that there is something exciting about to happen in your life or it can just mean that you really need to relieve that building sexual tension.

Cheater Cheater: Dreams are somewhat stories spun by your innermost underlying thoughts that you are not willing to come to terms with. When you dream that you are cheating on your guy with someone else or are doing something wrong that he wouldn’t like, in reality deep down you are feeling stifled in your relationship. It’s time to have the talk.

Lesbian love: When dreaming of getting it on with a partner of the same sex, don’t be confused. It’s not because you are coming out of the closet. It means that you are a confident woman who is a tad bit too much in love with herself. Not self-obsessed may be, but an excess of self-love.

Ex-sex: Dreaming about having a crazy night with your ex, well that can happen to anyone. Just until you don’t do it in real life it’s just about fine. It means that your current relationship or life has become monotonous and you are in a serious need for excitement.

Office romp: The thought of office sex is just so hot, right?  Well, if you dream about doing the nasty with a colleague or boss, don’t shy away from looking into his eyes the next day. Just know that the reason you dreamed about him is because you look up to him and know that there is a lot you can learn from him.

Inappropriate alert: When you dream about getting it on with someone like your best friend’s husband or someone who is completely inappropriate, it doesn’t mean that you are attracted to him. Most likely you are curious to know how he feels like in bed or are in desperate need of rekindled passion in your sex life.

The orgy: A romp with not one partner but many can signify repressed sexual desire. Conservative in real life, your inner-self is screaming for some experimentation. It could also mean that you need to prioritise or readjust things in real life.

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