Friday, 3 January 2014

Sex Goddess on His Birthday

Your partner's birthday is around the corner and you’re going crazy planning. Sit back and relax, lady! He really doesn’t care so much about the flowers or gifts as much as he cares about getting naughty with you. Read our tips to find out how you can make your birthday boy feel special by being his sex goddess. And it doesn’t cost a dime.

It’s all about the birthday boy: Make him feel special on his birthday by doing everything you can for him. Make him his favourite dinner... naked! Or, give him a sexy lap dance. You could also get him a naughty birthday cake. Whatever you do, make sure you let him know that you just want to please him.

Get him a naughty present: Skip the boring and predictable gifts and get him something sexy this birthday. How about adult toys? There are various online stores where you can purchase sex toys. He won’t be able to contain his excitement after opening it. Good for you. ;)

Become his ultimate fantasy: If you two have been together for a long time, you probably know his fantasies. If not, a few days or weeks before his birthday lightly ask him to share his fantasies with you. Make a mental note of them and try them on his birthday. Whatever it may be – a new position he wants to try, striptease, massage, sex in a new place – make his fantasy come true!

Surprise him with oral sex: If you’re the coy type who waits for him to initiate always, then this is a perfect time to pay back. Surprise him by pulling down his pants and going at it just when the clock strikes 12. Hugs are too mainstream anyway.

Get him an escort for the evening: Before you go all crazy on us, let us clear, we mean *you* have to play the escort. Book a room for the two of you, dress in your sexiest outfit, wear some hot make up, killer heels or even a wig if you have to. The idea is to completely transform yourself. Give him a time and wait for him in the room. Trust us, you have a passionate session waiting.

Try something different: Make your birthday boy feel good by trying something different and new. It could be anything from different sex positions to a different place. Make sure it’s nothing like your routine sex. It will surely make his birthday special.

Let him have his cake and eat it too: What’s a birthday without a cake, right? How about having some fun with it? Chocolate sauce, whipped cream and honey are all passé. Get dirty and messy by rubbing cake all over your body and let the birthday boy eat the cake off you.

Hold back: It may sound difficult, but abstain from sex for a week before his birthday. This will build a wild sexual tension between you both. Enjoy an explosive sex on his birthday eve.

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