Friday, 17 January 2014

How to Awesome Build Sexual Tension with Your Man

Sexual tension is exciting, sexy and so much fun! It can make you feel good about yourself and give you something to look forward to everyday. If you’ve experienced sexual tension with a colleague, friend, neighbour (ahem) and didn’t know how to take it forward, here are some rules to follow to increase the spark in your sex life.

Flirt ferociously: Flirting or talking dirty is a great way to let your crush know you’re attracted to him. You don’t have to be dirty necessarily, just talk about something funny yet sexy. Be subtle as sexual tension revolves around subtlety.

Lingering touches: Even a slight touch between two people attracted to each other can cause a spark. Again, it doesn’t have to be obvious. Please don’t go groping him in public. You have to keep it subtle. Try letting your arm graze against his for a few seconds while showing something on your phone or lay your hand on his shoulder.

Add some yumminess: Eating is a fantastic technique to create sexual tension. For instance, suck a lollipop or bite into a strawberry or get messy while eating chocolate. But, make sure you don’t get obscene. Be classy and cool. Eating by itself is sensual, don’t overdo it.

Make the goodbyes intense: Every time you’re about to say goodbye, make him feel like you don’t want to say goodbye at all. Hug him for a bit longer than usual or talk idly or just stare into his eyes like you want to say something, but are holding the thought back. Make sure you don’t make things obvious in public. Sexual tensions are more fun when they are a well-kept secret.

Text/Whatsapp/BBM: Texting is a great way to increase sexual tension. We are not talking about sexting. It’s too early for that. Flirting through texts is great as it takes out the awkwardness and shyness. Keep things fun, naughty and tasteful.

Talk with a hint of sex: Sometimes, the way you speak and the words you choose can create a lot of sexual tension. Find reasons to call something ‘sexy’, ‘hot’ or ‘erotic’. This is sure to take sexual tension to a new high. If he is looking particularly good, compliment him with a hint of sex, it is sure to get his motor going.

Sneaky eye contact: Eye contact is always a good idea. Whether it’s flirting, sex or creating sexual tension. Make eye contact often but not very obviously. Look at the guy you’re crushing on and just when he looks back at you, look away.

Show off your sexy assets: Be it your charm, humour or body; look for ways to show off your sexy assets. This can be a bit tricky, as it works only when both parties are equally attracted. So accidentally graze his package or do whatever it takes to make things awkward. ‘Coz in your case more awkwardness means better sexual tension.

Be sexy, but subtly: Remember, less is always more when you want to increase sexual tension. You don’t want to let out everything as that could be a huge turn off. Subtle touches and teasing is a lot more exciting than going all out.

Hold back when it gets obvious: Sexual tension gets stronger and is more exciting when it’s a secret. Not for people around you, but even between you and him. It may be obvious, but don’t ever let it slip out. It’s all fun as long it’s a secret. Even if you think it’s alright to talk about it, back away as it will kill the moment. The longer you keep the sexual tension a secret, the more you can build it.

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