Thursday, 3 October 2013

Living with erectile dysfunction? Try these home remedies

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual condition where the person is unable to achieve satisfactory erection and sustain it. While some people may dismiss home remedies but the use of herbs is an old practice and many drugs contain active ingredients from herbs. Erectile dysfunction could also be due to lifestyle patterns, such as smoking and alcoholism, emotional problems, medical conditions, depression and antidepressant medicines or due to diseases like diabetes, kidney disease, vascular disease etc. Home remedies are not only an effective way to combat the situation but they are also handy, non-risky and easy to practice even when one is traveling. These are all long term measures which also change the lifestyle of the patient forever.

Quit smoking

It is a known fact that smoking is associated with blockages in the blood vessels of the penis which hinders the blood flow necessary for an erection. You can use the support of family and friends as they provide emotional strength. Anti-smoking chewing gums also help as they help you in suppressing the craving for smoking. Try indulging in the activities you enjoy, like some sport, reading, watching movies, going for walks, exercising etc., which would not only help you relax but would immensely bring the stress level down and, hence, improve your sexual ability.

Massage and yoga

A vigorous massage with two drops of ylang ylang and clary sage oils, three drops of geranium oil and two and a half spoons of almond oil massaged on the back, legs and abdomen would revive muscular vigor essential for nervous energy. Some of the asanas such as dhanur asana, sarvang asana and hal asana improve blood flow. This massage and exercise routine could be carried out with one’s partner also.

Vitamins and minerals

Nutritional supplements like vitamin A, C, E, zinc and arginine have been shown to conquer erectile dysfunction. Vitamin A, C and E deficiency could be one of the causes behind this condition, so eating a diet rich in these vitamins and taking additional supplements could help to make the situation better. Some of the foods rich in these vitamins are milk products, fish, meat, legumes, cold pressed vegetable oils, citrus and most other fruits, broccoli, capsicum, wholegrain cereals, lentils, beans, nuts and seeds etc.
Zinc is a significant mineral in boosting sexual desire and capacity. Milk products, fish, shellfish, meat, wholegrain cereals, root vegetables, legumes, garlic and sprouted seeds are some of the foods are helpful in the growth of reproductive enzymes. Take zinc supplements of 15-20 mg every day along with a copper supplement. L-arginine, an amino acid which the body uses to make nitric oxide, is a substance which helps in relaxation of the smooth muscles in the penis which allows enhanced blood flow leading to an erection.


Walnut is known for its rich properties helpful in combating erectile dysfunction. A mixture prepared with one part of walnut and one part of honey taken 3 times a day and a glass of milk taken right after for 1 month is a simple and effective remedy for erectile dysfunction. It is easy to prepare this concoction and it brings a long term relief to the problem.

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