Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Concept Of Sex In Marriage Relationship

The concept of sex has been misused and misunderstood for many years until the real meaning has been lost in our day. It is however important to point out that sex plays a very big role in the day to day wellbeing of the person involved and especially if it is done in the right concept. The fact that almost everyone desires to have an experience of the same even in an early age is by itself an indicator of how powerful the issue of sex is to a human being.

With that having been said, it is good to point out that sexual intercourse is always pleasurable especially in the concept of marriage. It is in this institution where intercourse is best enjoyed and experienced and especially when there is a mutual understanding and respect for each spouse. With this having been said, let us look at the things what generally make sexual intercourse pleasurable for the married couples.

1. To begin with, sexual intercourse is not just about penetration. Many people normally view the issue of sex as just a way of relieving themselves by penetrating their spouses and that is it. It is however important to point out that there is more in sex than meets the eye. While as it is true that sex is a good stress reliever; it must be viewed as a more important way of enhancing a relationship and leaving the involved individuals better. Sex is an emotional process that joins the two people together helping to enhance their love relationship for better.

2. Secondly, it is good to know that sex means two things to the two people involved. To the man, sex is more than just a need while as to the woman it is a want. The man in the relationship normally looks at sex as a way of expressing their love to the woman and the act alone works like a stress reliever. No wonder a man will want to have sex even after a hard day at work. The process of ejaculation is not just about sperms but helps to release much more including the stress buildup within the mind. On the other hand, sexual intercourse is not a need to a woman. A woman would want to be help, told positive things and this expression of love is enough to keep her going for days. It should therefore be approached in a balanced way to help each individual feel loved rather than used.

3. Sex is a powerful God-given tool that will definitely help in living a productive life and especially when enjoyed under the right circumstances. According to research, many couples who enjoy sex between themselves have a high rate of productivity in their work than those who don’t. Sex deals with the mind and the emotions and blends some peace that is hard to understand. When it is done with someone whom you love passionately, the results are tremendous.

It is important for both parties within the relationship to use sex not as a weapon against each other but to look at it as a great gift through which they can build one another. The two people involved should view sex as a way of helping the other person enjoy rather than their own way of self gratification. This way the pleasure generated lasts for a long time and the other person feels loved and appreciated.

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