Sunday, 13 October 2013

Tips on how to survive menopausal symptoms

Obviously you don’t think of menopause when you are only 14 years old, but often hear your mother and friends talk about it. They are usually making jokes about it, but is it really something to joke about?

As soon as you start nearing the 30s, you start wondering about it more and more. It is a fact like the day you were born that you will have to pass through it…. It’s like death, you can’t skip it and you can’t go around it.

Making it worst is all that symptoms awaiting you that you can see ruining other people’s lives. Think about it…. hot flashes, night sweats, brittle nails, depression and not to mention vaginal dryness, discharge, itching, burning and God forbid incontinence.

This doesn’t sound like the way I wanna spend my golden years!! Do you?

Menopause doesn’t really have to be such a horror in your life. Today the world of Medicine is so advanced and for every problem, there is a cure in the form of some tablet or syrup. Today, you just have to decide…. natural or generic!

You get so many medicines today for menopause and you can even refill your "lost" hormones by using (hormone replacement therapy) HRT. The only thing you need to decide is if it is worth all the possible side effects. I mean, is it worth risking getting endometrial cancer, breast cancer, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), ovarian cancer, heart attacks, gallbladder disease, breast pain, nausea, bloating, fluid retention, negative mood swings and not to mention taking progestin with estrogen during HRT increases the intensity of the tissue in the breast making mammograms more difficult to interpret.

Luckily there are safe and natural ways too of overcoming these symptoms and surviving menopause. We will discuss just a few ways of overcoming these symptoms and show you how to stay sane during this time of your life.

Knowledge is POWER!!

Never think that you do not need to know about menopause…. that will be one of your biggest mistakes. If you know what to look for or what to expect, you will immediately recognize it if the big "M" comes knocking on your door. Even better than recognizing it, will be the ability to stand your ground and be able to ease the symptoms of menopause.

Think about it, think about it

Probably one of the most important steps you can take in the fight against menopausal symptoms is to be mentally prepared for the onslaught. This just means that you have to know as much as possible about this time in your life, but without becoming obsessed with it. How do you do it? Simply by reading, listening and sitting down with your doctor and discuss the signs and symptoms, how it will affect you and the people around you as well as treatment options. One can never know too much.

Food, food….. glorious food!!

Food containing plant estrogens has been proven to control cholesterol and help relieve some menopausal symptoms. This is the best remedy to relieve the symptoms of menopause and help you have a fulfilling life the natural way.

The following foods are known to contain plant estrogens: flaxseed oil, nuts, celery, parsley, Lima beans and soy products. Consuming a well balanced diet with all of these estrogen rich foods will certainly ease the menopause period.

Exercise regularly

A proper diet and a good workout are indispensable to ease the menopause period. There is a saying that says a healthy body houses a healthy spirit, and that is so true. A lack of exercise will increase the menopausal symptoms as well as the intensity of the symptoms. With a lack of exercise also comes the risk of weight gain, osteoporosis and cardiac problems may tag along.

We have just discussed a few very important steps to ease your menopausal symptoms, although there are many more ways to assist in this battle. There are things to do which will help with each symptom specifically and there are herbs, medication and natural remedies that may eliminate all the symptoms. We recommend NaturaPause, the safe and natural solution to your menopause.

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