Friday, 25 October 2013

Tips Feminine Hygiene – All You Need to Know !

Caring the feminine hygiene part is a must. None of us want to have bad odor in our vaginal area, right ? Hence, in order to have a healthy vaginal area, there are some feminine hygiene tips you need to know.

How do you increase you feminine hygiene ?

Cleansing tips

According to the University of Iowa natural discharge and oils are an important form of protection against infections. Vagina produces its own natural discharges as part of it self-cleaning process. So please respect your body‘s ability to cleanse itself. A woman’s vagina will clean itself out daily with natural discharge. Using additional chemicals or products can disrupt this natural process. Avoid washing, douching or using bathing soap to wash your genital area for it may leave you more vulnerable.

Wash your vaginal parts if necessary. Use feminine washes with pH balance to keep the pH in the vaginal parts. We repeat, never use anti bacterial soaps, for they may cause dry out the area and can cause harm.

When washing the vaginal area, avoid using hot water to avoid over-drying and chafing irritations. You can take your shower as hot as you wish but turn the water to warm when rinsing the genitals.

Clothing tips

We know that tight jeans and clothing look great, but do you know that they prevent the normal breathing function of the skin and especially an area like the vulva. This closed in effect will produce an unpleasant smell. When there’s no air flow to the vagina, bacteria and fungi can collect and grow in the moist, dark folds. So it means that the clothing you wear should allow air flow so that these secretions can evaporate.

Use panty liners on days when you are not menstruating. It keeps you clean and also does not stain your expensive under garments from the fluids. Change it twice a day. It keeps away bacterial breeding grounds and gives you a very clean fell. But when it comes to sleeping time, it is not recommended to wear panty liners regarding to the air flow issue above.

Menstrual tips

It is important to change pads often during your menstrual cycle. Wearing the same pad for an extended period greatly increases your chance of infection. By often changing pad, it will also reduce any chance of developing an odor. When choosing panty liners, remember to always choose unscented products.

Odor tips

The University of Iowa research says that women each have their own natural smell. This smell is healthy and a natural part of a woman’s body. You can use feminine sprays, deodorants and perfumes to cover up the scent but you just can’t make it go away. It still considered normal if the smell is not too strong or fishy. But if you have an abnormally strong or fishy scent, it is most likely a sign that you have an infection like bacterial vaginosis. If any of this happen, you should go see your doctor.
Those are tips for feminine hygiene. Hope it will help you much. Have a beautiful day !

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