Saturday, 7 December 2013

Best methods of female masturbation

The average woman masturbates by stimulating her clitoris. She usually does this in little circular motions, either with her index or middle finger. Generally, women begin by touching themselves just above, or below, the clitoris. But as their excitement mounts, they can tolerate more intense stimulation right on top of it.

Some women find they like the feeling of 'bulk' created by having something in the vagina at the same time. This could be two or three fingers of her other hand, or some kind of object. One word of caution: it's best to use fingers or a sex aid designed for the purpose. Women sometimes get into trouble if they use unwashed fruit, or other items, that may introduce infection into the vagina. And they should definitely always avoid anything that's breakable, like glass – for obvious reasons.

In recent years, there has been a bit of a vogue among some young women for using an electric toothbrush in the vagina. Pleasant though this may be, it could certainly cause damage to those delicate tissues and should be avoided.

Whether or not anything is introduced into the vagina – and this certainly does increase the excitement in a lot of women the vast majority of females need to keep stimulating their clitoris at the same time in order to have a climax. A few women are so highly sexed them can orgasm simply by rubbing their nipples – but this is just a small minority of highly-talented females! Other women discover that they can bring themselves to a climax through squeezing their thighs together. Again they're in the minority.

Vast numbers of women nowadays enjoy using a vibrator, some or all of the time. There are some amazing products around these days, and men are becoming much timid about trying them. When a vibrator is used, sometimes a woman will use it to stimulate her clitoris. At other times she will use it in her vagina. There's no right or wrong way of pursuing solo pleasure – and a woman should experiment to find what she likes best.

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