Thursday, 19 December 2013

Interesting Facts about the Vagina II

The vagina is the opening that leads from your external genitals (between your legs) to the uterus (womb) and your other internal reproductive organs. The skin you can see between your legs on the outside of your genitals is called the vulva. The neck or opening of the uterus inside the vagina is called the cervix. Here we tell you interesting facts about the vagina, including vaginal odour, vaginal discharge, G-spot and much more.

Pretty rare, but there can be chances that a vagina can be allergic to the proteins in the semen. One can suffer from itching, burning and swelling after having sex. Interestingly, research reveals that certain vaginas might be allergic to certain penises only and might work fine with others.

Like breasts and bums, vaginas can sag too. The reason can be hormonal changes, child birth, and genetics. Kegels exercises works wonders and prevents vaginal sagging, also weight gain, smoking and constipation are other causes of vaginal sagging.

Vaginal discharge differs from woman to woman. Women can discharge a quarter teaspoon of discharge in a matter of eight hours. This amount increases during ovulation(1.96 grams).

The vagina has a special fart of its own, unlike gas that ejects foul odour and fecal waste, a vaginal fart is odourless.

Once a gynaecologists was asked how did it felt to look at vaginas all day long, she replied saying “it’s like a bunch of different hairstyles.”

Kegel exercise will help to strengthen your pelvic muscles and also help you enjoy sex. While you urinate, try stopping your urine midstream, by tightening your muscles for few seconds and then release them.

The smell of each vagina depends on different factors, like the live bacteria in the vagina, diet, hygiene, amount of sweat and gland secretions.

Your vagina is odourless when you step out of a shower, its musky when you are perspiring after a workout, it smells similar to iron when a women is in her menses, and finally it smells like bread when there is a high quantity of yeast accumulated in the vagina. After sex, the vagina smells like bleach and it smells the yuckiest when there is an excess growth of bacteria.

Experiencing pain while having sex for the first time is completely normal, but if continues to persists than it can be due to inflammation of vestibule or due to involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscle. A vagina can also be allergic to condoms in some cases.

The curiosity about the pleasure point on the vagina was solved by Mr Grafenberg, who concluded that the G-spot is 2-3 inches inside the vagina, it lies just under the urethra.

Gynaecologists deem masturbation as a healthy activity that leads to safe sex, acts a stress buster, alleviates your moods and also help in strengthening your pelvic muscles.

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