Tuesday, 10 December 2013

How female masturbation in achieving orgasm

As we have already mentioned, the female orgasm isn't as reliable or as automatic as the male orgasm generally is.

For this reason many women consult psychosexual specialists, family planning doctors and so on in the hope that they can be helped to achieve the elusive 'Big O'.

Nowadays, most experts agree that if a woman can reach orgasm through her own efforts, she can then learn to climax with a partner either during love play or intercourse.

Learning to climax through masturbation gives a woman confidence and satisfaction – and it also educates her about how she likes to be touched and stimulated. Once she knows these things, she can communicate them to a loving partner.

Some females have a real problem in touching their genitals. This is usually because they had restrictive upbringings where they were taught that 'nice girls don't touch themselves there'. Or that 'sex is for beasts'. Or that 'sex is dirty'.

But if a woman is prepared to give time and effort to learning about her own body, she can often overcome these unhelpful beliefs.

If you're a woman who has trouble in reaching orgasm – even through masturbation – you might like to follow the advice given. Good luck

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