Wednesday, 25 December 2013

How To Sex Positions That Guarantee the Big O

Has it been a while since you experienced that elusive orgasm?  Tried it every way and yet you can’t seem to reach the soaring heights of lovemaking, huh? Well, let’s make it easy, shall we? Try these awesome sex positions that guarantee mind-blowing, bed-rattling, orgasm-filled sex you’ve never experienced before.

The slow climb: Keep a pillow under your butt and lift your hips and legs towards your shoulders.  It stimulates the G-spot and making love becomes so much more erotic.  In this position, you tend to feel more. Ask your partner to slowly mount you and penetrate. Be ready for the best orgasm ever.

The doggie drop: No, it doesn’t involve being on all your fours (not you at least).  Lie on your stomach, lift your butt slightly and let him work his moves. It increases friction and guarantees a shuddering ending.

Criss cross: It’s one of the most relaxed positions ever. Lie on your back and ask your partner to lie next you.  Ask him to face you and then swing your legs over his butt and thighs as he enters you. To add to the excitement, touch yourself ;-)

Reverse GOT: The Girl On Top position is a definite go-to position if you want to experience the big O; but if it doesn’t work, then why not try this one?  Ask him to lie on the bed and sit on top of him facing the other side. Make sure you keep both your feet as close to each other as possible to increase friction and add to the pleasure.

Torrid turns:
Time to get experimental! Leave your bed for this one and lie on a table top or your kitchen counter. Put one of your legs on his shoulders as he rocks your world.  Make sure you clench your butt during the moves to increase the passion.

Lap dance: Who doesn’t like a good ole lap dance? Take charge and sit on him. Make sure he does not lie down. Then sway front and backwards, with your hands in his hair. It will drive him crazy!

Spooning: It’s the easiest position that guarantees maximum pleasure. Snuggle up to each other and lie down on the bed with your back facing him as you make love.  It provides constant stimulation to your G-spot, increase friction and helps achieve orgasm.

Attention sir: Lean against a wall or a door facing him and ask him to enter you. The standing position may not allow complete penetration, so keep your feet together to increase friction and stimulate your most sensitive parts.

The slide:
This one’s similar to the GOT position, but here you have to lie completely on the guy. Lie on your man and slide back and forth as you share a kiss at the same time. It’s time for the big O, ladies!

The perch: Let your guy sit on a stool or on a chair and relax. Sit on his lap with your back facing him the other way and enjoy sex as never before. Use your legs to go up and down and rock his world and yours too as both of you climax at the same time.

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